So I’ve mentioned before that Candace is an animal lover. She happened to find out about some puppies that needed a home. She started begging relentlessly. My first reaction was, “have you lost your ever lovin mind?” Then she started in on Earl. Michael and Marshall found out and they started with the campaign too. I was definitely outnumbered. I rest my case. 025.jpg     Here’s the little squirt. He is pretty cute. She was so excited. Just like a kid at Christmas time. 026.jpg      Everyone stopped what they were doing and checked out the new addition to the “funny farm”. You would think they’ve never seen a puppy before. The puppy doesn’t look too impressed. 001.jpg     Everything was cool until the “kind” lady texted Candace and told her the one she had originally wanted was still needing a home. The deal with the other people fell through. So here we go again. Two puppies?! Have you lost your mind? Who’s going to pay for all the dog food? Who’s going to take care of these critters while you’re at school? Why in the world would we want four dogs? Musket and Sausage cause enough drama. 048.jpg     Yep, I was outnumbered again. Earl thought the first little puppy needed a playmate. What’s he going to say if we have to take the leg and the nuts off of these two hounds? It ain’t gonna be pretty! 045.jpg     They’re quite a handful. They aren’t sure what to think about the milk barn. It’s so noisy in there. Kinda scary. 049.jpg     Candace is beside herself with “glee”. She’s been hounding us for days about what to name them. We haven’t figured that out yet. Everyone has their own opinion. 052.jpg     Sitting down on the job and holding puppies?! What has this world come to?!040     Yea, I held them too. They made me. I had no choice. Ha ha ha. Cute little “boogers”. 028.jpg     The whole family took a turn. Squeezing and hugging and going all “goo-goo”. 035.jpg     Every time I walk past Musket I tell him that he’s still my favorite dog and that he will always be my favorite. I have to make sure that he doesn’t fall back into his deep depression. It was a long journey getting him out of that the first time. So much drama!023.jpg     Already best friends forever! They call it BFF’s or something like that. 034.jpg     So now this is what I’ve been asking myself every day. Why??????? I can’t believe this is happening to me. What’s going to happen to my flowerbeds this summer? Why didn’t I put my foot down? What was I thinking? Once again, I have no answers for such complicated questions………………………….Carol

P.S. The “why” on this cow was Earl’s writing. Why has he not turned this cow “dry”? Why is she still with the milking herd?