When I was a kid, I loved the story of Cinderella. Who doesn’t have dreams of being a princess?! So Candace had prom last night and she was our Cinderella. She did not make it home by the stroke of midnight but……….the spell didn’t break so she was fine. It was a stressful day for “Mama”. Lots of things happening all at once. Everyone survived though. Whew! 017.jpg      Getting her hair nice and beautiful. Megan here is a genius. She takes care of the whole family when it comes to “hair”. She never complains about “cow smell” or “cow poop”.018.jpg     It took a little coaxing, but we finally convinced Candace to put glitter in her hair. That’s pushing it for her. 021.jpg     I do not see any cow poop anywhere. It all washed away. We are still searching for the “glass slipper” in this picture. Kinda last minute, don’t ya think?! 020     Great work, Megan! You are awesome! She had 43 bobby pins in her hair. 031.jpg     Putting in a few adjustments. Candace was so patient. Loving every minute. Can’t you tell? 032.jpg     Earl was hauling hay all day so he had to keep his distance. Don’t get any farm dirt on the Cinderella gown. The fairy godmother will have a meltdown. 040.jpg     Lets see that “glass slipper”. 047.jpg     What the heck is going on?! Too many pictures? 051.jpg     Instead of having two wicked step-sisters…………two wicked brothers. Ha ha ha 054.jpg     The hay-haulers came in to see her off. Marshall’s main concern was, “how are you going to use the bathroom with that big dress on”? Her reply, “I’m not going to go to the bathroom”. 061.jpg     We’re headed to the barn, she’s headed out for a night on the town. Which sounds like more fun? Lucky girl! 065.jpg     Our farm girl turned Cinderella! 039.jpg     She and some of her friends went “stag”. They went to Cheesecake Factory to eat and then headed to the actual prom. I told her if a nice little boy asks her to dance to go ahead and be nice. She said she danced a little bit but……..I’m sure she had fun. I warned her of the big dudes that might try something funny. She said not to worry she will give them the ole mule kick! Atta girl, I taught her right. I did not make her get up the next morning to do chores. I decided to back off for one morning. Ha ha ha The boys seemed a little concerned today that she hadn’t washed all of her “heavy” makeup off yet. Leave it to the “dudes”. Well, so much for fancy-schmancy, back to the real world…………….Carol