It’s that time of year again. Baling hay. Wheat hay is our most valuable feed that we put up. It’s a gamble every year. Some years are extremely wet and we just can’t get to it. Earl’s always sweatin bullets. When should he mow it down? What’s the weather forecast look like? I better go to the dealer and get plenty of netwrap for the baler. Call and have fuel delivered tomorrow. Let the stress begin.016.jpg     Just look at all that beautiful feed! The cows go absolutely crazy over wheat hay and they milk like crazy too. 013.jpg     Earl sits in the tractor and wipes the “drool” off of his mouth the whole time he’s mowing. He comes in from the field and tells us all about the awesome crop of feed he just mowed down. 010.jpg     It takes him all day to get it mowed down and his “butt” is square by the time he gets done. Here’s Michael giving it the “twist test”.009.jpg     Earl had to “tedder” it out several days to get it dried down. I was dense and forgot to take a picture of that step. It scatters the hay and helps with the drying process. We use the tedder all summer long. This is the rake. Yes, I’m the “professional raker”. As I call myself. I’ve only been doing it for 22 years. I’m turning my raking duties over to the kids but school is still stealing them away. I’d rather be pulling weeds in my flowerbeds. 003.jpg     Right behind me is the baler man. Here he is unloading a big ole bale. Open up and let er roll. 004.jpg     Ahhh…….that feels so much better. That sucker was getting really heavy. 005.jpg     Going back down……..almost there. 006.jpg     Yes, finally. Here we go again. I’m tired. Can we go home? 079.jpg      Then we have to haul it home and stack it into the hay barn. You never leave hay out in the field. It has to get “slicked off” and ready for the next crop. I was dense again and didn’t get a picture of the “boys” hauling. I have a good excuse. I was helping Cinderella get ready for the ball. My brain was not thinking about hay. 023.jpg     Lunch time in the field. Hamburgers and milkshakes. The usual standby. This is my “mafia farmer”. 025.jpg     Open up wide, man! Stuff that baby in there. 027.jpg     Michael’s been bunching up bales all morning. Chow down, man! 072.jpg     At the end of the day, you count how many flat tires you had. Tomorrow is flat fixing day in town and you conveniently go to the tire shop that has a pizza joint beside it. A little reward for all the hard work.  So much haying to do, so little time……………………..Carol