Today I want to share some funny photos with you. Some may even seem kind of odd. That’s life around here though. Remember my line? The good, the bad and the ugly. We love them all, right? Here’s the first strange sighting I want to share.008.jpg     Awww……what happened to this calf?! The poor little critter was born with “weenie” ears. At first I thought that maybe it couldn’t hear. It seems to be normal though and is growing just fine. It looks like it has little ear muffs on it’s head.054.jpg      Here’s a better view of those “cute” little ears. So now, I’ve got two “needy” animals on the farm. This calf and Musket our three-legged hound. I don’t want either one to have a complex.001.jpgThey both seem to be doing great. Musket did have some issues with the puppies. He does not welcome newcomers. He’s slowly accepting the little guys.  006.jpg     Their favorite place to sleep. Under the vehicles. I think they’re hiding from Musket. I’m scared to death I’m going to run over the little “stink pots”. The deal was that Candace and Marshall will get rid of some of the cats in exchange for the new puppies. Nothing has happened so far……………….except for this.030.jpg     You have got to be kidding me! More kittens! I do not need more cats. I have plans for this Mama cat and her little family. Look out my dear neighbor. Here I come. 014.jpg     I’m thinking of taking this cat along on my little excursion. A black cat and a ladder. That spells double trouble. No, I’m not superstitious. But just in case…….he needs to find a new home. 012.jpg     Someone please explain to me what is happening here. Why is there a calf on my back porch getting ready to jump off the steps. Looks like it can walk on air. I yelled at Marshall to come get this thing out of my hair. It belongs far, far away. By the way, that’s Michael’s “gun” laying on the floor. 006.jpg     Ok kid, that’s not going to work out here. No boots?! What’s going to happen if some big, fat cow steps on your foot? You may not walk out into the lots like that either. That’s just gross, man. March back into the house and find those smelly muck boots. Yes, I see that photo bomber back there. Get busy, milkmaid. 095.jpg           All I can say is that “mad cow” has taken full control here. It happens all the time. There is no explanation for any of it. 047.jpg     The boys have it too. I’m certain. I found them behind the barn with this set up.050.jpg     Does anyone care to explain? Or maybe it’s best I just walk away. I guess Michael’s not dying because it looks like Marshall is having a great time. I think it’s best I stop with this. Maybe I can find a beautiful, calm, peaceful picture to say goodnight with. 011.jpg      How’s this? I love any sunrise or any sunset. So long, I’ll talk at ya real soon…………………..Carol