I want to share some of my “beautiful blooms” I have going on right now. Whenever I start to feel “overworked and underpaid”, these will definitely lift my spirits. That’s why I love summertime. Now wintertime is a totally different story. This is just the beginning of my “flowering” stories. 018.jpg     My clematis plant just opened up this week. It’s on my way to and from the barn so I get to stop and admire after the sometimes “hair raising” barn experiences. 003.jpg     This is on the same plant. A beautiful white “angel in disguise”. If you would ask Earl and the kids what color the flowers are by the paper box, they wouldn’t have a clue. 014.jpg     I found these on top of the hill the other night while on my walk. The first walk in about………..oh, maybe two weeks or so. So I stopped and admired and took some pictures. A good excuse to take a short break. Ha ha ha 020.jpg     This is sage. I have a little herb garden out by the patio.  Seemed like the popular thing to do at the time. Earl and the boys think herbs are “weeds”. I wanted to show this picture so you could see the “photo bomber” in the background. 027.jpg     My irises are just starting to bloom. I love irises. They smell so sweet and delicious. I planted them in my “stock tank” garden. So far so good. 011.jpg     This flowerbed is right outside the barn. I stand at the door and stare at the flowers while I slowly count to ten. My pansies survived the winter. The purple is salvia. And the cat photo bomber needs to find another place to nap.  030.jpg          The fruit trees all bloomed so nice and beautiful. Looks like this tree already has a visitor. 032.jpg     My knockout rose bushes are getting ready to put on a real show. I have red and pink colors.033.jpg               A perfect flower. The only roses I can grow. I haven’t tried growing a real rose garden yet. Maybe some day. 043.jpg     I think this bush is called “Japanese Rose”. Whatever it is, I like it. It’s grown about four sizes since I bought it and I don’t ever do anything to it. Simple. 031.jpg     My peonies are just full of buds. Once they open up, I’ll show you how beautiful they really are. Oooh, man. Do I love peonies!019.jpg     No way, man! Don’t even think about it. I will totally freak out! My flowerbeds are definitely off limits. Please be a good boy and go find a bone or cat to chew on………………………………..Carol