Last week we finally wrapped up our wheat hay crop. Literally. We wrapped it up because we couldn’t dry it out. So finally I can move on to something else. 006.jpg     The cows grazed this field and so it wasn’t near as heavy but still enough that we needed to do something about it. Earl mowing, again. 022.jpg     I raked it again. I also baled it. Earl needed to be hauling it in right away so he put me to baling. Farm wives have to learn how to do everything.  Baling was alright, the monitor was doing a lot of screaming at me. That’s what tells the driver if the bale is being made lopsided or even. So now you know that my bales were not perfect. Ha ha. We hauled it to the side of the field to be wrapped.038.jpg     This is the wrapper. A local dairyman and friend of Earl’s came and helped us get it all done. He owns the wrapping machine. He brought some help along too. See Earl’s hand in the air. He must be telling some wild and crazy line of “bull”. The poor girl is probably totally confused. She operated the wrapper. It takes all hands on deck to get the job done. 041.jpg     The other (crazy) dairyman was loading the bales on to the wrapper. Are all dairyman crazy? Earl is done hauling, so he’s observing everything from afar. I dare make a bet that if he would turn around, he would be holding a Dr. Pepper in his hand. 042.jpg     As soon as you plop a bale on to the machine, it takes off and around and around it goes. Wrapping everything snug. You’re supposed to let it set for three weeks before you start feeding it up but………………..we don’t always obey those rules. If we need hay, we start feeding right away. 044.jpg     So now we have a long, white snake lined up in the field. Excellent feed. 023.jpg     Musket rode on the back of the truck all day long. That is his favorite thing to do. He was flying high. Notice he can barely turn his head to look at me. He’s not very photogenic. Cool three-legged dog. 034.jpg     I stopped and took a few pictures while working in the “back forty” that day.  The cows were bored and looking for trouble. 010     So now that all the wheat haying is “wrapped” up, Earl donned his washing gear and got busy. The mower had a lot of wet hay plastered everywhere. 008.jpg     Earl is the high pressure washer king! Making sure he gets down there and covers every nook and cranny. Git er done, man! Looks all nice and shiny from where I’m standing. It’s a messy job and he’s gotta do it.  092     Discussing the next big project. Their brains are always whirling. I’m putting on my “thinking cap” and dreaming of flowers, gardening and chocolate. I think I’ll go bake something delicious…………………..Carol