We had dry weather for quite some time and everything was getting pretty dusty. When you live on a dirt road, it’s almost impossible to keep a house clean. So I just gave up. Ha ha Dirt does not bother me one bit. I work in it every stinkin day…..literally. We finally got some rain and things turned muddy real fast. It doesn’t take long around here. It was my turn to go after cows the other day so I’m going to take you out to the pasture with me so you can experience the “bringing up cows” job. 036.jpg     I found the cows resting peacefully out in greener pastures. It all looks calm and serene here but you haven’t seen anything yet. 038.jpg     Enjoying the sunshine around the pond. Farting and belching……..a cows favorite pastime. Oh wait, that’s also a man’s favorite pastime. At least in my house.039.jpg      It took a while to get the cows going in the right direction. They didn’t want to wade through the mud. This poor girl is having a tough time of it. She just had a calf and her udder is huge. I feel sorry for her having to carry that big, bulky thing around with her all day. 040It’s not easy walking through deep mud. I had to do some “gruff” yelling to get a few of them going. They knew by the tone of my voice that I meant business. I try to be patient. I think. Most of the time. 041 Almost home. At least the sun was shining again. That helps the “mood” tremendously. 017.jpg     Yes, finally got them locked in. Now for the fun part. 043.jpg     This is pretty mild. I’ve seen it much worse. Thank God for muck boots. 018.jpg     Looks pretty clean right here. Somebody scraped all the lots. Earl is obsessed with washing their feet off. That’s a good thing with all the “mud baths” they’re taking these days. I see you back there, big girl. 021.jpg     I know, I know. This too shall pass. That’s what they say anyway. Hang in there sister.047.jpg     We have this huge “crater” in the middle of the driveway and this is the reflection I saw in it this morning. Pretty cool. So the bottom line is……don’t come to our place without your boots on. It’s a muddy mess and it stinks. That doesn’t bother me anymore either. Everything is “clear as mud”………………Carol