Yes, I will admit that I am a fan of Super heroes. Only because of my kids. They’re infatuated with them and so of course I had to make sure they weren’t watching rubbish. Or is it rubbish? The other night in the barn we had an “Iron Man” competition. Or we could call it Thor’s “hammer”. I’ll let you decide. I have no idea why the “hammer” was in the barn but…………….027.jpg     This is what the fierce competition was all about. Can you lift this solid iron hammer straight out and hold it steady? You were supposed to hold it at the end of the handle but Marshall couldn’t do it that way so he made up the next rule. I wish I could have taken a picture of his face.026.jpg      Of course………Candace jumps in and makes a face for him. We had a good laugh over this picture. Go get em Marshall!024.jpg     Next is Candace’s turn. Come on, get it straight. Just don’t bite your lip off. The rules are only one hand. 025     Nope, no good. It’s not straight. I don’t think you’re quite strong enough. Sorry, please try again later. 022.jpg     And here we have Michael. Check out that look of determination. Hang in there, man. 019.jpg      No, please don’t make me take a turn. I’m shy and still just a little pup. I’m not near “full strength” yet. Maybe later, okay? 029.jpg     Yea, me too. I’m just a newborn. My Mamma is watching every move I make and she would not approve. Maybe after I move to my own “hutch”, but I’m still on my Mamma’s colostrum and she’s my boss. 020.jpg     Ok, back to the big boys. Earl looks like maybe he’s a little stressed. Is it heavy? He’s yelling at me to hurry and take the stupid picture. Ha ha  021.jpg     Iron Man or Thor. Whichever one we want it to be. Looks like he’s got a better grip on this one. Wonder how much that “hammer” weighs? Why do they always make everything look so easy? I didn’t even try. Wasn’t worth my time. I knew I would be a total failure. So I took the pictures and had a good laugh. 007.jpg          Okay, everybody back to work. The party’s over. The cows are tired of waiting and they want to eat right now. They could care less about Iron Man or Thor. All they care about is that we take care of all their needs. Right now! So long, good night……………………..Carol