Welcome May. Bring on the sunshine and the warm weather and lots of flowers. May means school will be out soon. Thank goodness.

     April brought along a lot of rain. Last week we had 3 1/2 inches in a matter of one evening. You can imagine what our place looks like and smells like. Milking in a severe thunderstorm can be stressful.027.jpg     Looking out the barn door. What a down pour. Let’s hope the power doesn’t go out. Sure hope lightening doesn’t strike too close. Hope the cows survive out there. Are we about done? 034.jpg     What in the world is this? Playing in the rain! He’s supposed to be getting the rest of the cows in the barn. Stay focused, man. I guess it’s more fun trying out the old umbrella. It was raining “cats and dogs”. So that’s where all our “pets” come from?!030.jpg      Is it going to stop raining pretty soon? We want to go out and play in the mud. 021.jpg     It takes a little rain for some flowers. These are technically “weeds” but I thought they looked pretty nice. “Big girl” wanted to have her picture taken. 021.jpg     My peonies finally bloomed. I cut off a big bouquet before the rain. I didn’t want them to get drenched. 010.jpg     Wow! Aren’t they beautiful? I wish I had about a dozen more of these plants. The kids wanted to know where I got my flowers. Imagine that?! 024.jpg     This is a climbing rose bush but has nowhere to climb. Slick metal roof and concrete blocks. What idiot would plant a rose bush in this spot?! Yours truly would. I’m not sure what to do about this situation. I’ve been trying to decide for several years now. Ha ha 032.jpg     My Knock Out rose bushes. Easy to care for and they bloom over and over. My kind of plant. 045.jpg     My pansies are still looking so nice that I hate to pull them out to make room for my annuals. So I will enjoy these as long as they last. 051.jpg     Now this is more like it. Pure joy. This gets me in the mood to go buy some more flowers. I think I’ll make a trip in to town today…………………………….Carol