It’s almost Mother’s Day. Time to do a little celebration. We planned a little event at church for all the women. It turned out to be a fun evening with friends and food and plenty of “cackling”. 050.jpg     These are the “chics” I worked with to put on this event. Sharon ( center and back ) is our “president”. The “lady in red” and I are her little minions. We get along fine and dandy. Sharon has a brood of 5 and knows all about multitasking. Talk about cool, calm and collected. You’re looking at it right there. Evie, the lady in red, is “with child”. She will make a good little Mama. I’m pretty sure she will have the cutest kid on the block. With masses of dark hair. Me, I’m a professional milkmaid! 030.jpg     Our motto. Less is more! Evie did the centerpieces wrapped in burlap and ribbon. Those are real flowers if you’re wondering. Sharon and I dipped all the strawberries. We had lemons in the water glasses but dumb me didn’t take a picture of that. It looked very refreshing. 029.jpg      Yep, that’s right. We did the swirls too. We are now professional dippers. Just call us for all your strawberry needs. Ha ha We have no idea how many we ate. 031.jpg   This is Sharon’s little angel. She was our “big helper”. She ate all the “ugly” strawberries. The ones without the green tops and bad spots. When I grow up I’m going to be just like her. Barefoot and drink pop all day. Oh, to be a kid again. 033.jpg     And then we had a photo booth. Everyone was welcome to go strike a pose with their Mom, daughter, friends, etc.038.jpg      As always, lots of good food. I love suppers like this. I get to try all those delicious recipes.044.jpg     The bread was “to die for”. You know bread is good for you, so eat plenty of it. Right? 043.jpg     Fabulous desserts! Too beautiful to eat. These ladies know how to fix some good food. 040.jpg     Fancy!  How is a milkmaid supposed to act at events like this? I’m totally out of my element. Where are the cows, boots and cow poop? I definitely need to socialize more. 048.jpg     Another one of our younger guests. See, I told you we had lemons in the water glasses. What a cute little stinker. Can’t get much better than this. 054.jpg     Come on, hold your Mama’s hand.055.jpg     Don’t let go! Make her hold your hand. 056.jpg     See, that wasn’t so bad. Our “little girls” grow up way too fast. 049.jpg     Two farm girls. Acting all prim and proper. Notice we aren’t wearing boots or milking gloves and our hair is actually clean. Oh but those naughty cows would love to do a number on those white pants and that beautiful blue jacket on Candace. Just thinking about that gives me nightmares. 059.jpg     Two beautiful “senior” girls. My, how you’ve grown up to be such fine young ladies.053.jpg     The committee members……..aren’t we cute?!052.jpg     I’m not sure what happened. It all went downhill real fast. I blame mine on “madcow”. Evie is pregnant and has a whole book of excuses. Sharon has 5 kids. Do you need any more reasons than that? Didn’t think so……..Carol