Today I want to introduce you to my little garden shed. It was nothing but a pile of junk until I decided that it’s high time to take control of the situation. This shed was a catch all. A place where I threw all the stuff I didn’t know what to do with. I see all those cute little sheds in my gardening magazines and desperately wanted one for myself. I marched outside, yelled at the boys for some man power and we got to work. The dust was flying. 008.jpg     This is what the inside looked like. There was an old rotten table in the corner that the boys and I hauled out of there. Junk up in the rafters, etc. What a total wreck! 009.jpg     I knocked all that stuff down and hauled it off to the burn pile. Burn baby burn! 013.jpg     Here’s my “man power”. I think it’s about time to light that pile. Good grief! Look at all that net wrap. 015.jpg     Half of the wagon got dumped into the dumpster and the rest of it was pushed onto this pile. The boys inspected everything very closely. They’re always looking for special items that can be thrown off of the silo. Michael climbs to the top and throws it off while Candace and Marshall video it falling and smashing to “smithereens”. Cheap entertainment. 001.jpg     The inside, after throwing out all the junk. Earl will still call some of this stuff junk but I call it antiques, vintage treasures, etc. 002.jpg     My table full of “junk or treasures”? I’ll let you decide.008.jpg     Now I’ll be able to find my tools. That step ladder was a garage sale find. Comes in pretty handy.009.jpg     If I can just keep my tools in here where they belong. Usually we make about five laps around the whole farm looking for a shovel or a broom. Wonder how long this organization will last?007.jpgCroquet games. Does anyone still play that game? We used to play that all the time when I was growing up. Marshall loves to play croquet. The huge basket is a flea market find. It will have a home on the patio somewhere. Haven’t decided yet just how to display it. The double burner is my lifesaver. I use it for canning tomatoes in the summertime. moms phone pics 237.jpg     Saves my kitchen from all that mess. I also use it for those very important shrimp boils. 032.jpg     We absolutely love this. Dipped in all that beautiful butter. Thanks to my outside burner, supper will be ready in a jiffy. 003.jpg     Ok, back to the shed. Marshall had the bright idea to hang the flag on the outside. This is on the back side. That’s my tea patch in that old tank. I don’t think the grass will grow into my tea anymore. 021.jpg     The front side of my shed. The milk can is another flea market find. I love old milk cans. 075.jpg     This is a better picture of the whole shed. I took it last fall. The scarecrow wants to say “hello”. I like the peeling paint but I’m outnumbered. The boys want to paint it or put colored tin over it.012.jpg     And the most important sign of all. Greeting you as you drive in. This is what it’s all about. All “crazy” dairyman will drink a cold Dr. Pepper to heal all their diseases. Like Mad Cow?! Well, there you have it. It’s nothing fancy but it’s definitely better than it was. Makes me sleep better at night too………………….Carol