I just wanted to take a quick break and wish everyone a “Happy Mother’s Day. It was a great day for me. I did exactly what I wanted to. I stayed at home. I even took a nap. What’s better than that? I wish I could have spent the day with my Mom but we live twelve hours apart. We’ll make up for lost time later this summer. 070     Candace and I posing for a snapshot. You guessed it. Work clothes and a bad hairdo. I was busy milking and she was yelling at me to come take a picture. Everything went on auto-pilot and I walked out of the barn. 075     We love taking weird pictures. Makes life more interesting. I’m not really sure what is happening here. Scary, is all I can say.  083.jpg     And the boys. I had to lasso them when we got in. Come on boys, time to take a picture with Mama. I am definitely shrinking in my old age. Good grief! Marshall has caught up with me and Michael passed me a long time ago. But I’m still “Mom”. 086.jpg     It’s the rules around this joint. You always take a nice picture and a weird picture. Yep, we are strange. Could it be the “mad cow”?048.jpg     The “big girls” hope you all had a great day. They sure did. They were lazy all day. Did absolutely nothing. 046.jpg    ” Happy Mother’s Day to all you humans. I’m a Mama too, I know what it feels like. I love it!”051.jpg     “Me too.  I’ve been a Mama several times over. I lost count.”074.jpg          ” Today was my day to be in the spotlight. I love Mother’s Day!”088.jpg   My human Mom takes good care of me. See how stocky and strong I am?! 071.jpg     Happy Mother’s Day to all you fine ladies……..Carol