Michael loves being a farmer. A dairy farmer. Yea, he doesn’t always feel like doing chores. He does his fair share of complaining. He argues about who does more work between the three of them. He doesn’t like getting up at the crack of dawn………….who does?! He loves driving tractor, hauling manure, putting up feed, etc….. 078.jpg      He knows how to work and milk those bovines. It’s a dirty job but he likes to get dirty. Makes him a “real man”. 079.jpg     He’s very creative. Here he’s trying out his homemade “javelin”. All you need is a big old stick and a pocket knife. Sharpen up the one end and see if you can make it stick into the ground. Where do these ideas come from?! I’m sure that inside that brain he’s pretending to hunt for rabbits or something. 005.jpg     He was in cross country this year and we discovered he’s quite the runner. He would take off after chores and go run around the section. Four miles. Next thing I know he’s already back and he’s barely winded. How can that be?! So this spring they put him in track. Here he is getting ready for a two mile run. 006.jpg     On your mark, get set, go!!! He hated track with a passion. He would much rather run cross country. Right here he’s thinking, ” Please don’t make me do this. I would much rather be milking cows than running around some dumb track.”013.jpg        There he goes. I don’t know how many laps this was but I know he was dying. He’s thinking….. I just want to get it over with and who cares if I place or not. This is sheer torture and I am in so much pain and agony. I hate this track………it is so hot out here! Is this lap 7 or 8? 018.jpg     He finally conquered it. “Thank God I’m done” is all he was thinking. 019.jpg     You said what?! I have to run the “one miler” yet too?! That’s just great. Here I thought I was done. 020.jpg     His times for the season were…..

3 mile………20:30

2 mile………11:37

1 mile……….5:26

     Not bad for a freshman. His coaches are watching him closely. He’s got three more years of running. Hopefully he will get in there next year and kick some serious butt.  041     Marshall signed up for cross country next year so I’m sure Michael will be more than willing to give him all kinds of pointers. Probably too many. This is evening practice. Running down the road. Marshall looks like he’s just about to cave. Ha ha It’ll be a fun season to watch. 023.jpg     Yee-Haw!!! Track season is over. School’s almost out. Now I can just stay at home and milk cows and drive tractor. Quite the dude……………………..Carol