Living on a dairy farm means lots of dirty jobs. Jobs that usually have something to do with cow poop, mud, dust and more cow poop. So dirt is an everyday affair for us. Earl got a firsthand experience with cow poop the other morning. A little too close. Let’s just say it was not his lucky day.016     What in the world happened here! Holy Moly!!! I turned around and this is what I saw. Should I laugh or start hosing him down?! Some naughty, naughty bovine decided to cough and poop at the same time. She shot that stuff out the back like a rocket. I declare it landed ten feet out from her. I stepped it off. Earl was in the wrong place at the wrong time or right place at the wrong time or wrong place at the right time?! I don’t know which place he was at. 014          His expression right after it happened. He’s thinking…….what did I do to deserve this? I can’t believe this is happening to me. A look of total dejection or is it rejection? A look of disgust. Should he laugh or get revenge?017     First he had to take his boots and socks off and wash the “fertilizer” off of his boots. It was everywhere. He stayed surprisingly calm. To think that he had “hot lava” running down his back. 018.jpg     I tried to wipe his neck off and then we just pulled the shirt over his head and hosed it off. It was quite a sight to behold watching him walk to the house barefoot and shirtless. Ever see a grown man try to walk across a gravel driveway barefoot? Hilarious. I didn’t dare show any expression of laughter. It was definitely a tense moment.022.jpg     We just hosed everything off and hung them out to dry. We soaked the camo shirt in a bucket of water. That’s his favorite shirt so we couldn’t throw it in the trash. 024.jpg      The pants don’t look too bad here. He hosed them off and we let them dry for a day. Maybe some sunshine will “detox” them. 020.jpg      Hey, look! A clean back and neck. He had to go in and take a shower, change clothes and then right back to the old grind again. He definitely smelled better. 021.jpg     So for the rest of the milking he was singing a “homemade” song that went like this……”If I could only smile again”. That’s the only line I heard. The rest of the song never materialized. Ha ha It was like a broken record. So there you have it. The joys of milking cows. The moral of the story is…… out for cows that cough. There might be flying debris……………………Carol