So, after the last “depressing” story I wrote, I feel like it’s important to write about something cheery, positive and bright. I want to share another painting project of mine. This is a project for my patio. I got my hands on an old, dilapidated, ugly, neglected piece of furniture. 005.jpg     Here’s the “before” picture. It’s actually an old “pulpit style” cabinet that was used at church years ago. No, I don’t plan to preach to anyone. Unless the dogs and cats want to listen to my ramblings. Notice it’s even on rollers. I’ll be able to roll it anywhere on my patio.007.jpg     The back side. Oh my, that looks hideous. This is going to need some serious help. 031.jpg     I had Earl pry the old pulpit stand off of the top. He wouldn’t let me throw it away. His words were, “this is good for something, let’s keep it.” So, it’ll probably lay around for years with no use. Ever. 038.jpg     The new look. I had leftover paint sitting around, so I used that to bring it back to life. It’s now my “bar on wheels.” I had the stools and thought they helped with “the look.” 050.jpg     The kids seem to be impressed with it. Looks like a crazy party going on. May I come too?039.jpg     The back side. I love to collect clay pots and old watering cans. I’m sure I’ll move things around about a thousand times before I finally settle on the final spot for everything. I usually have to move something every time I walk passed it. It does look a little brighter, though. I think I’m going to like it a lot. 049.jpg     It’ll be a good place for the kids to hang out this summer. They will drink their “refreshing” drinks at the bar.053     I plan to use the bar on wheels for all my summer cook outs. Maybe a drink station and dessert bar. A place for me to sit down and sip some “Kool-Aid” when I’m pulling weeds in my flowerbeds. My tank on the left is to catch rain water. One small shower will almost fill it up. Then I use it to water all my pots on the patio. The string lights are Christmas lights I buy after the holidays when everything is 50% off. I stock pile for all my “lighting” needs. So if you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by and I’ll serve you a nice, cold drink…………..Carol