Well, the school year is finally over. The last few weeks have been stressful, exciting, fun, busy, tiring, etc….. All those award ceremonies, band concerts, high school musical and now graduation. Yep, that’s right. Our first senior graduation. I’m basically an emotional basket case. Last Sunday was Candace’s baccalaureate. That was fine, no weeping and wailing with that one.  036.jpg     I stayed nice and calm with this ceremony. I couldn’t find Michael to take a picture, so I grabbed the closest kid. At her awards ceremony, I got all teary eyed. I shocked myself. Totally unexpected. I kept telling myself to “get it under control, for crying out loud.” Friday night is the real test. Will I lose control or will Earl “howl” louder than anyone else. The boys are totally oblivious. 014.jpg     Michael had his 9th grade promotion last night. He’s the “big kid” now. Moving on up to the high school. 017.jpg     Saying good-bye to the Jr. High. Marshall thought the promotion was unnecessary. His thoughts were, “all you do is wear a dress and get a sheet of paper that says you have three more years of high school.” I’m sure once it’s his turn, he will be totally excited.021.jpg      The farm crew got cleaned up and headed into town for the first time in a month. Give or take a few days. We need a black and white standing in the background. That’s Earl’s Mom standing there beside him. She must be brave being associated with the funny farm family. 016.jpg     Michael sure thought a lot of his gown! I paid money for that thing, son. Keep it nice and wrinkle free. So now we have the big senior graduation tonight. Candace is beside herself with excitement. I’ll keep you posted on how things went for Earl and I. I’m having a small reception for Candace here at the house this weekend. 002.jpg     I’ve been begging Earl for some picnic tables and so the other day he went and got me some. Putting them together was another story. The first one was a pain in the neck. After they conquered that one, the others were a snap. 008.jpg     Wonder if he’s having “kind” thoughts about me here? Don’t panic, all I have to do is fix some corn meal mush and tomato gravy and he won’t remember anything. Ever! 010     Awesome! Looks beautiful! I can’t wait to try them out for Candace’s party. It’s gonna be a fun time. I’ll have to make the tears wait until a more appropriate time.012.jpg     What the heck is a graduation? And why would anyone shed tears at a party? Humans sure are weird!……..Carol