Wow! Graduation is done and over with. So bittersweet. Can’t believe Candace is out of high school. We had a family friend go early and save some seats for us because remember, we have cows to milk. Thank goodness for saved seats. Otherwise we would’ve had to sit  way up in the nose bleed section. And Earl would have had to get his trusty binoculars out. 011.jpg           We had the best seats in the house. Candace sat right smack in front of us. She glanced up at us every now and then to make sure that Mom and Pop were doing “ok”. 001.jpg

     Michael was with the band down there playing away. I love listening to band music. He was not concerned about tears or any emotions. He was there to have a good time. He and Marshall couldn’t figure out why we would even think of crying. 010     Yeah!! Feeling good! Finally got to the finish line! Yep, Earl and I held it together. We did real good. Trust me, we will fall apart at some point but…….for now, it’s pretty good. As long as I don’t think too much about the future. 013Flipping the ole tassel. Yes, she has it hanging from her car mirror. Isn’t that what everyone always does?! I did.014     Throwing the hat in the air. She didn’t want to get too crazy with the throwing……..she wanted her hat back. 028.jpg     Looks like Mom and Dad are putting on a pretty good face. All smiles and no red, puffy eyes anywhere. Candace was happy, happy, happy.  023.jpg    What a lovely picture. All dressed up and all smiles. I don’t think any of this has really soaked in yet. 026.jpgMore family. Uncle Ken, Aunt Linda and cousin Hannah. They were there cheering for Candace. They have been through all this before. They are now experts at attending graduation ceremonies. 032.jpg      More friends. So many pictures to take. This is big stuff. I always get a little carried away, as the kids would say. 031.jpg     The boys are now extremely bored. Wondering if we are ever getting out of this place. How many more pictures are you going to take? This is getting to be ridiculous. Can we go eat? We are starving.020.jpg      Ok, ok. I’ll stop now. Besides I have to go home and get things ready for her party. So, we made it through our first senior graduation. Yeah! I’m not sure how I feel about all this. I have three more years until my next one. Maybe I’ll figure something out by then, or maybe not…………….Carol