With graduation over and done with, I now had to concentrate on her party. She didn’t care what I fixed to eat, how big or how small, when, where or how. So, I just decided to have a “backyard barbeque”  and hope for nice weather. We had a perfect evening. Perfect temperatures. Great company. Plenty of food. So glad it’s over. I think my family probably wanted to strangle me by the time it was all said and done. The party was the next evening after graduation. It took weeks to plan and then “poof” it was over. 038.jpg     Remember my picnic tables? They hauled them in to the house and set them up for me. Plus other tables and chairs. The dudes did the heavy work. 040.jpg     Here’s the “senior” trying to figure out how to set up her table. She looks exhausted. I think the excitement is catching up with her. 054.jpg     We had lots of fantastic folks show up to support Candace. Time to chow down! Say cheese, Charles. 045.jpg     Is this where the party’s at? Look’s like a blast. What a beautiful family. 067.jpg     Another fun family. And also the best mechanic around. Eat all you want. Next week you’ll probably have to come fix a tractor or something. 071.jpg     More family and friends. Wow! So many people that care. Amazing! I’m loving this. How do you like my picnic tables? Are they comfortable? 073.jpg     We had a pretty good sized crowd here. I love putting on a “feed” like this. Lots of work, but worth it. 065.jpg     What’s the deal? The plates look empty. Get your butts up there and start on seconds and thirds. I don’t want all those leftovers. Scott and Earl seem to be in a serious conversation. Yea, there’s more than one Earl around here. Help!!052.jpg     Get up there and fix your plate, man. My uncle Perry. I don’t think he’s ever met a stranger. He can talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere.  062.jpg      I hired a few “bartenders”. Remember my old bar on wheels? That was my drink and dessert station. I’m thinking Megan probably did all the work. 041.jpg     Yep, she’s working hard. She had some delicious iced tea and good ole ice water. Hmmmm……did she just spill something?! 057.jpg     Yea, she definitely did all the work. Looks like Adam is just standing there with his hands in his pockets. 056.jpg     And Earl stood around and entertained. Wonder what these two are discussing? I’m sure it’s a bunch of bologna.058.jpg      Oh wait, looks like he’s doing something after all. Sorry about that, Adam. 081.jpg     I couldn’t decide which cake to make, so I made all of them. The carrot cake and the chocolate cake were the most popular. I told them to save a piece of carrot for me but nobody listened. They just went ahead and ate the whole thing. Nothin but crumbs were left. Oh well, I’ll just have to make myself another one. Ha ha 077.jpg     What the heck? Something crazy is going on here. Those photo bombers always show their face. Sooner or later. 079.jpg     Ok, she’s gone. Say cheese! What lovely smiles. 089.jpg     Oh dear. Megan just found out that Michael didn’t go to freshman prom. She was going to make his hair look so awesome and then he wouldn’t even do it to go. Next time he’s going. No ifs, ands or buts.082.jpg     I call this dude Werewolf. Every time I see him I think, Werewolf. I think it’s the hair. But the name fits. Right? Quit hogging all the icecream, man!086.jpg     Ok. Ok. We won’t tell anyone how many cups of icecream you ate, Curt. I have plenty, so go ahead and tank up. What are parties for, anyway?!049     These little kitties were very popular. Too  bad they weren’t weaned yet. I would have been able to get rid of all of them in one night. The cat population is out of control. 075.jpg     Here’s the star of the show. All three of them graduated. Best friends. Lots of memories. Good job, girls!094     Well, looks like the party’s over. Time to clean up and “hit the hay”. I feel exhausted. But a good kind of exhausted. So much fun. I think I’ll plan another one…………….Carol