So after all the cooking and baking and cleaning, etc., I was more than ready to get out and dig in the dirt again. There’s nothing like getting some good old fashioned dirt underneath your fingernails. I’m going to take you on a little tour of how I like to work out all my frustrations. Not that I’m frustrated. Just sometimes, maybe. 001.jpg.      I pile all my “stuff” on to my wagon and away we go. I found a few empty spots that needed color, so I had to fill them in before the big reception. I went with red and white this year. Red is bold. A smelly, poop infested dairy definitely needs some bold color. 009.jpg     My handy, dandy tools. I’m a big fan of pampered chef. I splurged on my last party and bought the best gardening tools ever. I love these things. I can flat get some work done with these. 015.jpg     Check out this nice, fat earthworm. Now that’s a sign of some good soil. Hmmm……must be that rich cow compost. All that poop is good for something. 012.jpg     I collect milkcans and decided to try this and see how it works. I filled the bottom half with big rocks. I didn’t want to waste a bunch of good dirt. Of course, I had to have help lifting it. I used Michael’s muscles. 017.jpg      After trying about 2 to 3 different plants in this spot, I finally got my head on straight and planted a Japanese maple. I love these little trees. Why did it take me so long to figure that out?! Trial and error.  023.jpg        I tried to put a few distractions in this corner to take away from the heat and air units. So pretend you don’t see anything but an orange chair and a white picket fence. A cool spot to sip some iced tea.  027.jpg       I was trying to dig out the root ball from last year and broke this pot in 2 to 3 pieces. And I wasn’t even mad when I was doing it. Must be a wimpy pot. So I thought it would look kinda cool laying in the flowerbed. I planted my rosemary bush right in front of it. That poor little bush has been transplanted about 4 times. I think it’s finally home. 028.jpg     I had an amaryllis blooming right beside the broken pot. Beautiful! I used to have a lot of these but I got lazy and didn’t dig them up for winter time and now I have next to nothing. Lesson learned. 029.jpg     This will greet you as you drive in. A nice, big skull. Every farm needs a skull. If the dogs can drag them around the yard then I can have one too. They currently have a dead possum laying in the front yard. They fight over who gets to chew on it. 033.jpg     For the big, bulky stuff, I use my dolly cart. Works pretty good. Only this last time when I was moving it to the final resting spot, it flipped over and all the plants spilled right back out. Needless to say, I was ticked. 034.jpg     I always have plenty of help. They love to nose around. Who would’ve ever thought that I would be feeding four dogs. That is totally crazy! The “pups” are still in training. They’ve dumped pots, dug holes in the beds, lay on top of plants, etc. They definitely know what a loud “NO” means. Ha ha 107.jpg     And of course I like to share any plants that I have an over abundance of. So last weekend I gave my favorite Aunt Emily and my favorite”cow sister” Megan, some of my overflow. It was Russian sage, creeping jenny, black- eyed Susan, irises and some of that awesome spearmint tea. I always have a blast when we get together. Lookin good, girls!! That “favorite” will get me in trouble. They’re the only ones that visit. Just sayin. 032.jpg     I’ll end with this. My first black-eyed Susan of the season. I have these everywhere. They spread like wildfire. I could go on and on about flowers but I don’t want to put you to sleep so I’ll stop for now……….Carol