The cows are getting real bossy the last few days. They’re saying that I’m not writing enough about them and too much about flowers and graduation. So tonight while milking, I told them I would say a few kind words about them if they would quit acting like brats. 046.jpg     We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately so it’s looking pretty muddy. We had a major downpour last week and so the boys and I walked the cows up instead of getting the 4-wheeler stuck out in the “muck and the mire.” Yes, it is possible to get a 4-wheeler stuck. At least on our farm. 048.jpg     The boys must have thought they did some really strenuous work. They were doing the “lean on the fence and discuss life” act. Ever hear talk of “truck farming?” Well this is called “fence farming.”019.jpg     Michael is still trying to wake up in this picture. I think it was his turn to sleep late and so he just showed up. I’m making them each take turns getting up and helping to get the show on the road. Seems to work pretty good once I get them out of bed. 005.jpg     It’s been pretty hot and steamy in the afternoons, so we’ve been turning the misters on for the cows. We have well water out in the barn and it’s nice and cold. The cows love it. They come up in the afternoon all hot and bothered and as soon as we turn the water on for them, they start chewing their cud. When a cow chews her cud, that means she’s feeling pretty happy. Look closely and you’ll see the misters spraying water.009.jpg     We also got out the “ole fan.” That thing can blow some serious air. We always have arguments on which angle blows the most air. When we have 20 cows in the barn in the heat of summer, we’ll do whatever it takes to stay “cool.”  Even the dogs venture into the barn and sleep in front of the fan. 007.jpg     Earl is super skiddish these days. After the last “poop” episode, he runs for his life when he hears or sees anything suspicious. 010.jpg     See, I told you the cows were ticked at me. They wouldn’t even smile for the camera. They’ll be fine. Tomorrow morning we’ll be best friends again. 019.jpg     I went walking tonight and saw little skunky chowing down. She looks like a skunk with that white stripe going down her back. She’s been in the herd for a very long time. She’s another one of those family pets. 031.jpg     Shooter still rules. She’s the one on the left. Nobody tells her what to do. She’s kind of like Musket. Musket is king of the dogs. Shooter is Queen of the herd. 043.jpg     Musket lays in front of the door. And nothing else dares to take that spot. He earned it. 032.jpg     This is taken from the top of the hill. The cows look pretty happy. They should be. I just caved in to their demands and wrote a story about them. They better give a lot of milk in the morning, is all I can say………….Carol