Last week was Michael’s birthday. Yep, the big 16. Can’t believe it. He didn’t want a big blow out or anything. That made it easy for me. The whole family took the day off and headed to Tulsa to celebrate. Had a good day and then headed back home in time for chores that evening. That’s the way dairyman operate. 028.jpg     Here’s the birthday boy. Yes, I cheated and bought a cake but I did bake one later that week. Don’t judge me. 035.jpg     I bought him an emoji shirt. A “poop” one at that. I thought it was very fitting. He wanted some running shirts for cross country practice. So I delivered.026.jpg     Here he is holding all the new little “kitties”. The kids call the cats “maggots”. Weird but that’s how we flow around here. They come up with some pretty crazy names. 016.jpg     So now that he’s sixteen, he has reached “Superman” status. That is his running shirt for cross country practice. It should make him run at lightening speed. This was his cake when he got home from Bible camp. Don’t look too closely, the decorating job sucks. I was not feeling too inspired. 017.jpg     Here he is trying to think of what he wants to wish for. Marshall about went nuts trying to figure out what it was. Michael refused to say what he wished for because then it wouldn’t come true. That’s how it works, right?!018.jpg     The big blow! Yes, he blew them all out in one breath. There was spit flying everywhere. Ha ha  Just kidding. 100_0667      Looks like he loved little “kitties” when he was just a  squirt. How can they grow up so fast?100_0496.jpg     Past birthdays. Gift buying was always so easy. Legos! They loved them. They still love them. 100_0444.jpg     Can someone please turn back the time. How can it be? Going from elementary to highschool in one year?! 029.jpg     I guess I’m going to have to deal with this in a mature manner. Do I laugh, cry, or call my Mom………….Carol