Seems like Earl gets all the dirty jobs around here. But he’s so good at them. For example, my lawn mower needed to have the blades sharpened and the deck cleaned out underneath. Who else to do such heavy work? The “main man”. So this morning he went to work. 038.jpg     He always hooks the chain around the roll bar and lifts everything up high where he can see what’s going on. Michael is the “lifter”. 040.jpg      A little higher. Man, there’s a lot of junk underneath that thing. I’m sure I should be cleaning it out after every use. Right, like that’s gonna happen! 043.jpg     By the looks of things, I think he’s getting something done. I’m wondering if I should just throw that shirt away. 044.jpg     Michael waiting patiently…….or not?! At least his job is fairly clean. Someone please tell me why the tractor has no door. I think it has something to do with the A/C. Call Earl for details. 045.jpg     Looks like a fine job to me. I’ll be able to fly the next time I mow yard. See that pile of junk laying on the grass underneath the mower?  Can you tell we do a lot of mowing around here?046.jpg      The “monster” that makes it all possible. Do not try this at home! That burner will definitely “singe” your hair, eyebrows, or anything within reach. That baby runs hot!047.jpg      Oh my! As you can see, dirt does not bother this man one bit. Or “cow poop” for that matter. He is immune to all that. 048.jpg     Michael had to inspect and make sure “Dad” didn’t miss any spots. Nice and shiny and clean. Now he’s finally ready to sharpen the blades. 059     Passed final inspection. Headed for the sharpening stage next. Anyone need to have their mower washed off? Just call Earl………………………………Carol