Not only do I love flower gardening, but also vegetable gardening. I am so tired of buying tasteless, bland , over-priced vegetables at the store. I’m impatiently waiting for my garden to start producing some rich tasting vegetables. 028.jpg     I have some good “tiller boys” these days. This spot is  where the boys planted their garden. They always want to have their own plot. So they take my bag of seeds and plant a little bit of everything. 029.jpg     Earl even took a turn. Marshall cracks me up. He’s doing some serious thinking right here. Our first batch of sweet corn didn’t come up so they had to redo the whole area and get ready to plant again. This all happened several weeks ago and the new stand of corn is up and looks promising.039.jpg     I’m pretty sure Earl does not want to make a living doing gardening but Marshall loves it. Earl loves sweet corn , so he wanted to make sure we got a nice patch planted. The dogs are always in the middle of all the action. Rolling around in the dirt, smashing plants, digging and sniffing like dogs do. 043.jpg     They had an audience while working. Cows are nosy creatures. They have to know what’s going on and investigate anyone that comes on to their “turf”. I’m pretty sure they’re planning a big “break the fence down” party once the corn patch is almost ready to harvest. I can read their minds. 085.jpg     I have a garden a little closer to the house too. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash, zucchini and cucumbers. The bottom half looks empty but I just planted some more corn and a whole bunch of pumpkins. I love decorating with pumpkins in the fall. I always feel like an idiot when I’m digging through the pile at the store, almost standing on my head, because the nicest ones are always on the bottom. Anyone else do that? 086.jpg     Now this is exciting. I love cherry tomatoes. Especially the little yellow ones. Last year I had some that were so sweet, I thought I was eating candy. I had cherry tomatoes everywhere.123.jpg     I was eating tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and supper. 069.jpg     With tomatoes comes basil. I so love the smell of basil! When I have the “cow poop” smell on my hands, all I have to do is run my hands through the basil patch and “abracadabra” it’s gone. I would like to put it in all my food but I have “picky eaters” in the house. Candace and I are the “basil eaters” around here. 088.jpg     My first pepper of the season. I picked it today and am going to chop it up and put it on my pizza. It’s Saturday. That means it’s pizza night. But first I have to go get the bovines milked and fed. Work before play. 040.jpg     We heard you were fixing pizza tonight. Are we allowed to try some? How much cheese do you put on it? And do you make chocolate or strawberry milkshakes for dessert? What time is supper? We’re hungry.

     Oh dear, I just opened up a can of worms. Those cows are so spoiled. I’m outta here…………………..Carol