Remember the puppies that Candace dragged home? Well, they’re not really pups anymore. More like teenager dogs. Double trouble, that’s what they are. We argued back and forth for weeks trying to decide what to name them. We finally agreed on Brawny and Clyde. Earl came up with Brawny and Candace wanted Clyde. So now, everyone is happy again. 032.jpg     The darker colored one is Brawny and the lighter one is Clyde. They’re both ornery. Clyde has a tender heart. If I yell at him for being naughty, he runs off and hides and pouts for awhile. I didn’t think I yelled that loud at him, maybe I should tone it down just a tad. 064.jpg     For the most part, they’ve been pretty good pups. “Knock on wood”. They’re about to eat us out of house and home. Holy cow! Insanity! That’s what it is. It doesn’t take long to go through a bag of dog food. 095.jpg     They refuse to leave this pot of flowers alone. I’ll find it dumped over and the plants and dirt dumped out. Grrrrr…… As you can see the plants are showing signs of stress. I’m not sure if I want to waste anymore plants on this project or just let them have it. 003.jpg     Poor Brawny. Just enduring the love and affection. Something tells me he’s not having a good time at all. 098.jpg     They get along amazingly well with the cat population. They are used to the little kittens and so they’re always playing around with them. I’m surprised they haven’t accidently killed a few of them. No, I haven’t encouraged any foul play. I may have thought about it, just for a second.  075.jpg     This poor Mama cat. I think she’s trying to say, “Somebody take that gun and shoot me. I’m done!”037.jpg     They love to play with all the dirty, smelly boots on the back porch. Cute little kittens, then they grow up. 030.jpg     Weird but true. Clyde allowing the kitten to snuggle. He’s probably trying to redeem himself for being naughty. 002.jpg     Through it all, Musket is still “king”. Three legs or not, he rules. I’m pretty sure he just despairs over all the chaos that the pups have caused. He forgets that he was once a pup. Or that he is the “drama king”. Although, I thought Earl was the “drama king”. Hmmmmm……I might be getting into some hot water here. I better scram…………..Carol