Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m addicted. To flowers. I will plant flowers anywhere. I like pots that come in all different shapes and sizes. Crazy colors and weird junk too. Just ask my family. They’ve seen it all. 061.jpg     This chair is right outside the barn door. I was at an old antique place a few years back and the “ole geezer” let me have it for free. I love it. It did have a seat but that has long rotted off so I set this pot in there and added a skull. I love flags. I have them hanging everywhere. One of these days, the whole chair will fall apart and end up in the dumpster. Until then………..060.jpg     I have boxes hanging on the barn windows and this one is right by the door to welcome visitors. The kids all took turns wearing these boots and the horseshoe is for good luck. We all need that, right? Yes, we have plenty of used cows for sale but the price needs to be just right. Read between the lines. Someone has been drinking grape pop. I guess they don’t know where the trash can is at. 055.jpg     More window boxes. I have an endless supply of creeping jenny and so I use it everywhere. 056.jpg     I’m not sure how it got started growing here, but I’m forever grateful. I take my little hand shovel and start digging like crazy.  068.jpg     I tried a new recipe this year. I crammed a whole bunch of different plants in this pot. Hostas, corral bells, impatiens, elephant ears and creeping jenny. Wonder what it’ll look like by the end of summer. Over crowded and gasping for air or thriving and beautiful?072.jpg     I love my old wash tub. Seems I put different plants in it every year. And I move it to a different spot all the time. I like to change things up. Sorta like rearranging furniture in the living room. Anyone else do that? 073.jpg     I found this coal bucket at a garage sale for a few bucks. I always plant dragon wing begonias everywhere. Yep, there’s that creeping jenny again. 074.jpg     I wanted to try something tropical this year,so I bought this palm. Beings that we never go on a “tropical paradise” vacation, I was hoping this would kinda take the place of one. Nope, hasn’t even come close. 077.jpg     I do weird things like this too. Hang stuff in crazy spots. Earl thinks I get things a little cluttered at times, so I try to keep an open mind. I’ll take care of the flowers, he can take care of the cows. Amen. 079.jpg     I found a bunch of old doors in the barn, so I decided to put them to use. I hope it’s still the cool thing to do. If not, I’ll go ahead and be outdated. I like old doors. How do you like my “stacked animals”? I think they need a red potted plant setting right underneath them. 092.jpg     My little red wagon. I had some alyssum seed packets and so I put them around the geraniums. Probably totally over crowded but I didn’t care. I just wanted to plant them somewhere. So, we’ll see…….gasping for air or thriving. 094.jpg     My Aunt Clara’s old bicycle. We used to call this her “red corvette”. She rode it everywhere. Brings back precious memories. This bike is priceless. 084.jpg     More cute little chore boots. The first pair that Candace ever had. My, my. How did that happen? Little girl one day and all grown up the next?! If only these boots could talk. I’m sure they would have some wild and crazy stories. 093.jpg     Last but not least. My work bench. Another find from the old barn. This thing is so heavy that Earl had to lift it with the tractor to haul it to the patio. The fridge was from his old college days. Notice the emergency drink stash? The bucket with car washing supplies, only I haven’t washed my vehicle in months. That is “taboo” back where I come from but here in my neck of the woods, it’s totally “ok”. The biggest clay pot has a hole on the back side and that’s where the little kitties sleep. The shoes have to be on top so the dogs don’t chew them to pieces. So you see, everything has it’s rightful spot. I’m thinkin I need a bigger work bench………………….Carol