We are in the middle of hay season. This last week was a little on the crazy side. Hay everywhere. Thank goodness the boys are out of school. They were here to help with all the tractor driving.  061.jpg     Looks like Earl has been busy. I see a lot of bales to haul home. That’s going to take some time. 052.jpg     Michael has taken over the raking duties. I don’t mind at all.  Marshall and I are delivering a late afternoon snack. 053.jpg     It was hot and humid and they looked like they were about to collapse. Chocolate milkshakes! That should cool them off and give them that extra “kick” that they need to finish the job. Michael’s taking a nice, long drag. I would get a brain freeze if I did that. 056.jpg      What in the world is he thinking about?! Three guesses and the first two don’t count. He’s thinking about all that hay that needs to be hauled home and put in the barn before the next rain…. How late can he bale tonight…. Should he mow more hay tomorrow…. Wonder what the humidity is right now…. This is making some pretty good hay…. The cows should milk pretty good on it….It’ll probably make around 190 bales….on and on and on.    Nice ear plugs, dude! 048.jpg     Marshall slurping one down too. They never turn down a chocolate milkshake. 067.jpg     Break time is over. Go get em, boys. Shouldn’t take too much longer. 070.jpg       Marshall got some driving lessons that day. What better place to learn how to drive? Out in the wide open field. He was flying high!  069.jpg     Keep both hands on the steering wheel and look straight ahead. Pay attention! Slow down! Use only one foot! Hang on for dear life! I let him drive home, which was only two miles. He asked me if I was scared. Ha ha. 144.jpg     He also learned how to drive the tractor. So now he’s the professional hay hauler too. Man, pretty soon I’m going to be out of a job.110.jpg     Time to haul them all home now. We bunch them up in groups of 6 so we can just pull up and load them and hit the road. It goes much faster that way. Remember, we only have a few hours before it’s chore time again. Gotta work fast. 113     Just dumped a load and heading back for more. It does get kind of monotonous at times. We keep the road hot, that’s for sure. 147     Earl better get busy and start stacking in the barn. Looks like there’s a lot of hay scattered all over the farm. I’ve tried stacking hay in the barn and I must admit that it does take some talent. I can if I have to but Earl is definitely a pro. I think I’ll just let him do it. 106     We couldn’t do it without Muskets help. That 3-legged hound can jump on to the back of the truck like none other. He loves truck rides. All that hay hauling is making me tired. I think I’ll go hit the hay………….Carol