I’ve been looking around and I see a lot of purple flowers in my beds. So today, I’ll take you on a purple flower tour. I say purple, but it can pass for pink, blue, lavender, etc. I like to think in terms of blue…..red, white and blue. 037.jpg     My hydrangeas went nuts this year. They’ve never bloomed this nice before. I heard people say that everyones bloomed nice, but I like to think that it was the “cow poop” that finally had it’s affect. Whatever the reason, I was tickled “pink”. 018.jpg     I told myself that this summer I would make bouquets from my garden and bring them inside to enjoy. So I did. The tall spiky stuff is Russian sage, the green leaf is crype myrtle, and of course the hydrangea. It stayed nice for the better part of the week. Candace noticed them right away but I’m not sure if the “dudes” said much until I pointed them out. I have to do things like that with my “boys”. 081.jpg     My Russian sage. This plant is out in the barn flowerbed and is slowly taking over. Each summer it spreads out farther and farther. It’s time to thin it out. 083.jpg     Purple coneflowers. This plant is just a few years old and it’s taking its good ole time growing. I’m hoping it’ll spread out and be a nice big bush before too long. Maybe it needs some powerful cow poop. The little white cages are because of the dogs. I’m smiling through clenched teeth.082.jpg     Another new plant I’m trying this year. Lavender. It smells so delicious! It’s heat tolerant and likes dry, rocky soil so I put it in my barn flowerbed. When I’m having a stressful chore time, I’m going to walk outside and stick my whole head into the lavender bush and take a nice long drag. That’s what it’s supposed to do, right? Calm frazzled nerves?!084.jpg     I love this stuff. I think it’s called lobelia. I hope I  can keep it alive. Other years it looks real nice and then suddenly it turns ugly and dies. I keep buying and trying.086.jpg      Purple petunias. Supertunia, I think. Either way, I love these. They make flower growing look so easy. 087.jpg     I planted purple and orange together. Mainly because the canna’s in the background will be orange when they bloom later this summer. I didn’t think my “red theme” would look good with orange canna’s. Besides, we are an “orange and black” kind of  family. Think football. 092.jpg     This is not purple. Just thought I should throw this in to mess with your minds. This sunflower is growing out of the big, huge burn pile we have out yonder. So now we can’t burn until it’s done blooming. Something beautiful growing out of an ugly, hideous eyesore. 054.jpg     Last but not least! Candace, Brawny, and the hot shot. Watch out, they’re coming for you. Now that’s purple power! Scary, purple power……………………Carol