As the saying goes……revenge is sweet. I was not holding a grudge or anything crazy like that. Some of you will remember what happened to us on New Years Eve. We were the lucky ones that got a toilet put in our tree. That sounds so “off the wall”, you may not believe it. Here’s proof……..014.jpg     Yep, it was up there nice and high. We knew right away which one of our crazy friends did the dirty deed. I honestly had forgotten about it but now that it’s fresh in my mind again, I can justify what we did in return. 126.jpg     It’s called…….cat delivery. It’s totally free. Two Mama cats had their babies on the back of Michael’s truck. We tried for two days to catch those sorry felines. Marshall finally succeeded and in my excitement I told them to hurry and jump in the truck, we’re heading North. 127.jpg        We snuck in the back driveway and went straight for the hay barn. We left the carrier in the corner and opened the door, hoping the two “hissing cats” would stay there with their babies. The whole batch was a little on the wild side. 130.jpg     The boys wanted to look around and so they crawled up on the hay pile and checked things out. That’s what boys do best, right?! I was in a hurry. I wanted to get out of there before we got caught. I wasn’t worried about the “lady of the house”, I was worried about the “man of the house”. Ha ha She wants cats, he doesn’t. 133.jpg     Heading for the get away vehicle. Hurry up boys. We are living on the edge, man. We do not want to get caught. I’m not taking those “felines” home with me. 135.jpg     Making a fast get away. Punch it Michael.  Thank goodness, the dirty deed was done. I felt liberated. So I shot a friendly text to my dear neighbor and told her what we had done. We were going to keep it a secret from the “man” but it didn’t work. He found out. I wonder what kind of “revenge” he’s rolling around in his head. I’ll invite them over for a shrimp boil. They’re our “boil friends”. I think that should pacify him. I’m still chuckling, though……………….Carol