It’s that time of year again. Blueberries are ready for the pickin. We have a beautiful blueberry farm 3 1/2 miles from our house. So easy to go pick a bucket of fresh berries. The other morning I rounded up the family and we headed on over to see what kind of damage we could do to that patch. 077.jpg     Yes, I got Earl to join in the fun. This was a first time for him. Usually he’s busy doing something “farmy” and misses out on all the fun. We were all hungry and couldn’t wait to start sampling. 078.jpg     Candace getting ready to stuff her face. Just remember we are here to fill our buckets too. 082.jpg     Michael looks like a chipmunk. His mouth is stuffed full. Just to let you know, the bandanas come out of hiding when the weather gets extreme. When you have a heat index well over 100, it’s desperate times. 081.jpg     The kid! Not sure what he’s trying to say. He’s probably cracking some joke with Candace. Those two are nuts. He actually filled his bucket full before she did. Good job, man. 092.jpg      Looks like they’re busy but their buckets are still empty. Too many stories and too much eating. I took off and headed for the other side of the patch. 089.jpg     Hey, look what I found. He was eating as fast as he good pick them. He was in awe of all those berries. This was a totally new experience for him. He wanted everybody to pick a bucket and then some. Just slow down, man. We can always come back for more. Nice shorts, dude. At least he left the white socks at home. Ha ha  Great entertainment for the kids and I. 093.jpg     Is this a beautiful sight or what!? So delicious. So easy to pick. I can’t wait to make a fresh batch of muffins. 094.jpg     I had to stop and admire the butterfly bush. A very appropriate name. I don’t see very many monarch butterflies anymore. 104.jpg      I also found a bird nest. Great place to build a nest. The food is right outside your front door. 086.jpg     Uh oh, I got caught stuffing my face. I ate my fair share. They’re so addictive. Once you start, you can’t stop. I love blueberries any which way. Looks like my bucket is still pretty empty. I need to practice what I preach and get busy before the kids find me. Which is more becoming…….Earl’s shorts or my gardening hat? We are the “funny farm ” folks for sure.096.jpg     Good work, son. Gotta fill it all the way to the top before we can go home. 100.jpg     Now we’re talkin. Perfect! Love the bandana. I wish I would’ve brought one too. It was smoking hot out there. 103.jpg     They filled their quota and now they’re ready to get the heck outta here. But wait, Earl’s still picking. And he wants to fill another bucket. He’s got berries on the brain. 106.jpg     They thought they were about to die of heat stroke. They helped themselves to the complimentary water bottles and plopped down at the tables and didn’t move until Earl and I finished picking. 107.jpg     Yes, Miss Hollywood. I see you. And I also see those scary shorts in the background. 108.jpg     My freezer is full of beautiful berries. So many recipes to try. I don’t know where to start. Some new and some old. I’ll test them out on my family and then pass the “keepers” on to you. I’m dreaming of blueberries…….Carol