What better way to celebrate summer than fixing fruit pizza?! Now that I have fresh blueberries, it is high time to whip up a fresh batch. I always made it with the sugar cookie dough but decided to throw a wrench in the mix and do something different. I made a chocolate brownie crust. Needless to say, it was “the bomb”. Holy Moly! I wish I could have eaten the whole pan and not worry about gut rot. So absolutely delicious! 110.jpg     Of course, if you aren’t a chocolate fan you will not like this at all. I’m a chocoholic! I’ll eat anything with chocolate. Here’s the recipe for all you chocolate lovers.

      Buy a boxed brownie mix for the crust. I used a Pillsbury fudge brownie mix. Only because Pillsbury was on sale. I’m sure Betty Crocker would do a good job too. I didn’t bake it as long as the directions said because I put it on a pizza pan and didn’t want to get it dry and disgusting. So watch it carefully. The cream filling is simple……..

1 jar marshmallow crème (13 ounces)

1 package cream cheese (8 ounces)

Whip these two together until light. Spread onto the cooled brownie. Top with whatever fruit you like. I added strawberries to give the blueberries a little pizzaz. I will make the chocolate version all summer long. At least until I get burned out on it. Ha ha  Of course I must tell you, “serve with a tall glass of icy milk”. I just had to throw that in there………………………Carol

P.S. Make sure you grease and flower your pan liberally. It’s not pleasant when the crust sticks and you have to destroy the dessert to take a bite. Makes me want to throw the whole thing in the dumpster and start over.