Years ago we used to have a tree out by the corner of the road. Well, the power company decided it was too close to the lines and they came along and whacked down about five trees. Talk about empty. They left a huge hole. We told them to leave a stump out by the corner because some day I will build a flowerbed right by that spot. It took me a few years but I finally got it done. 056.jpg     Here it is. I have a little bit of everything in there. If I would have known how difficult it would be to dig this area up and get it ready for a flowerbed, I probably would never have done it. I had the kids help me take the sod off. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this thing. Hard, dry, packed, clay soil. Grrr………025.jpg     I had forgotten what color the daylilies were, so I was pleasantly surprised when they bloomed. I’m so used to seeing the yellow and orange ones. I think I need to keep a gardening diary. 054.jpg     When I planted these periwinkles, I had red and white on the brain. I totally forgot my cannas were going to be orange. If I wouldn’t have “mad cow” I would have planted white and blue (purple) periwinkles. 010.jpg     There’s the old, ugly stump. I thought it would add character to the bed. Those orange cannas were given to me last year and they multiplied like rabbits. I had to really put my thinking cap on to figure out where to put all of them. 013.jpg     I also incorporated the fire hydrant into the mix. I didn’t want to make the little guy feel lonely. The grass is another story. I only planted one the first year and by the next year I was kicking myself for not planting three of them. Always plant in uneven numbers. So the second year I planted two more but it turned out to be the wrong kind. So last fall I tried again. This spring it was looking pathetic, so I planted again. Will I ever win?!028     A close up of the cannas. They are so vibrant and bright in real life. And they look so nice with that purple sage in the background. 055     Candace went with me to take pictures that evening. She started out with the flowers and ended up with the sunset sitting in the middle of the intersection. Obviously, we don’t live on a busy road. The dogs follow her everywhere. She kept yelling at me to get out of the way. I was in the shot and she was trying to take a panoramic. Whatever! moms phone pics 291.jpg      This is the flowerbed the first year. Looks pretty pathetic. So you see, it is a wonder it has survived. A few years make a huge difference. Plus, I’ve moved and transplanted quite a few plants in the last two years. That’s what gardening is all about, right? I change my mind all the time when it comes to gardening. 051      So maybe by this fall, the other grasses will have grown quite a bit and it’ll look a little more balanced. Live and learn. I’m thinking when I grow up, I want to be a flower farmer. And Musket will be my right hand man……. I mean dog. Who knows, I may decide to transplant something this fall again……….Carol