I forgot to mention that Earl can also do Dr. duties around this joint. He is a man of many talents. It all started about a week ago when Candace wanted him to freeze a wart off of her foot. That led to the whole family heading out to the barn where the “frozen medicine” was at. Having a tank full of liquid nitrogen can come in pretty handy. Instead of going to the Dr. in town, we called our Dr. Farmer. Scary! 002.jpg     Here he is, preparing for surgery. Take a good look at those clean “scrubs” he has on. So sterile and clean. I feel so safe. 004.jpg          Everyone looks a little tired and haggard. We must have had a rough day. Candace and Michael both had some “freezing” done and then he started in on his own hand. 007.jpg     He usually puts duct tape around the area and then dips a Q-tip into the tank and quickly presses it onto the wart. He’s done it to me, and I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t feel all that great. In fact, it really starts to sting. Just imagine having that Q-tip on your finger. Can’t you just hear it sizzle? And then it turns white. And then it gets real sore the next couple of days. Just look at that steam, smoke, gas, whatever you want to call it. That’s gotta hurt! 077.jpg      Hey, what the heck just happened over there. I don’t think you all are supposed to be messing with the semen tank. That’s not for humans. That’s delivered especially for bovines. We’re going to tell the “semen salesman” if you don’t stop that. He’s gonna be ticked off.075.jpg     Hey, hey, hey! Just everybody stay calm. There’s nothing wrong with sharing our semen tank. They’re not using the semen, you dummy, they’re just using the liquid nitrogen. Let’s just thank the humans that they give us cold water to stand under in this sweltering heat. Don’t these misters feel awesome?! I love my life……….Carol