Last week was the “flat tire” week for us. Seemed like every day we had to run to the tire shop. The tire dudes are going to despair when they see us coming. The first flat we had was on the rake. This was Marshalls first day on the job as “raker man”. Candace and I were on the other side of the field helping Earl with the baler. He was having problems too. Then we saw Marshall stop for some reason. Michael was in the other tractor and he stopped by to see what Marshall needed.014.jpg     This is what he found. The whole wheel fell off. Not good, man! We didn’t know how to break the news to Earl. He was already hot, itchy and mad. He assessed the damage and decided it could be fixed pretty easily. Thank goodness for that. We had a lot of hay to bale yet. 012.jpg     When you’re out in a wide open field, you don’t always have the necessary tools. So, they used the loader as a jack. Worked pretty good. We did have to make a run home to get some more tools but they got it running again in no time. 013.jpg     Candace, Marshall and I just kinda stood back and observed. Not sure if we should talk at all. In times like that, it’s best not to say anything. Those are the rules when you marry a farmer. So of course, Candace had to do some clowning around behind the scenes. Yee-haw!011.jpg     Marshall telling me all about how it happened. He was so ticked at Michael because he gave him a good butt-chewin when it happened. When really, it wasn’t Marshall’s fault at all. Isn’t that how it always is?! Somebody has to get chewed out for the problem. Usually the closest one around. Know what I’m talking about?015.jpg     Everything seems intact here, thank goodness. I don’t think Earl could’ve handled much more. 036.jpg     Next on the list is my old “silver bullet”, as the kids call it. I was on the way home from town and heard a weird noise. My brain told me it was a flat and so I got off on the side and slowly turned off the busy road and stopped. Sure enough. Flat as a pancake. The tire was shot. I drove on it too long. Ha ha I called the “man” and he sent Michael to help the poor damsel in distress. 041.jpg     It took us a while to figure out how to get the dumb spare off the bottom. This is looking real interesting.045.jpg     Michael did all the work. I just sat there a gave moral support. We started laughing because it looked so hideous. He thought it made the van look “ghetto”. Ha ha ha The spare was a little on the low side so I had to take it pretty easy on the way home. Michael asked me later if I thought other people had problems like us or were we the only ones. Hmmmm……not sure.  076.jpg     Well, Earl went to town that afternoon and got the tire fixed and thought we were good to go. The next day, I had just come home and crawled out when I heard the dreaded “hissing” sound. Sure enough, the other side had a flat tire. So, he made another trip to the tire shop. That was caused by a nail. Ok, so we got that one patched and hit the road. 091.jpg     What the heck?! I can’t believe it! Again?! This was on the way home from church on Sunday. We heard a funny sound and I jokingly mentioned that it’s probably another flat. Aaaaaack! It was! We all got out and walked to the house as if we never saw it. Oh well, let’s deal with it tomorrow. Tire shop, here we come. 097      I was walking towards the house when I just happened to look up. The sky was beautiful. Full of fluffy, white clouds. So I stopped and took some pictures. That was my sign. My tire problems didn’t seem quite so dark and dreadful anymore. It could be worse. Like the whole herd marching through my garden. Now that would take a lot of fluffy cloud days to get me over that. So, the moral of the story, keep looking up and check your tires daily…….Carol