I’m going to talk about one of the dirtiest jobs on a dairy. Hauling poop. Not just any poop but lagoon poop. This stuff is rich, rank, and ripe for hauling. It stinks up the whole farm and even creeps into the house. My kitchen and laundry room had a “funny” smell yesterday. Earl and Michael were hauling all day long. Talk about tired, they were “pooped”. Literally. 011     First off, they empty the small pit up by the barn and run it down the alley and into the lagoon. Pit poop smells just as bad as the lagoon. What a smelly farm we have! 020     Yesterday they hauled off all the solids. Which was stacked in the dry stack and some piled in the pasture. Then they started on the liquid. Michael is operating the loader tractor. Earl is in the spreader tractor. Notice the curious cows in the background?! They always have to be where the action is.026     This machine is backed into the lagoon and does all the dirty work. Stir and mix! Stir and stir and stir. The turtles love the lagoon. The mean, snapper turtles.  030     Michael is the “stir man”. He keeps things rolling while Earl is unloading. Notice the homemade rig behind him? An old bale feeder and a gate stacked on top. The whole purpose of that is to keep the “poop hose” from getting kinked while trying to pump. It’s a complicated mess but they finally got everything just right. Looks really “corny”, but hey, it gets the job done. And that’s all that matters when your cup runneth over. Things were seriously backed up!025     This is one of the “clean-up” bulls. He’s the oldest of the two. I don’t like bulls. Never have, never will. I would have no problem diving head first into that lagoon if he made a move. I wouldn’t go anywhere for a month because of the stench, ha ha……he behaved and walked off. 038     This is where Earl is spreading all that rich fertilizer. Something should definitely grow here. Looks pretty potent to me.022     He’s got the right idea. Hold your nose if you come close to our farm. Doesn’t look like the air conditioning has gotten fixed yet either. 013     I delivered milkshakes for the “smelly dudes” in the afternoon. It was a “hot mother” out there. Can you tell?! And in case you didn’t know, white socks are the cool thing these days. 012     Smile nice for the camera. Cowboy boots are cool too. With shorts, that is. We are the fashion family!049     Talk about fashion! Yes, those are my boots. Poop doesn’t scare me anymore. It’s pretty much my life day in and day out. I’m the “scraper girl” every morning. I despise dirty lots plus it helps with fly control when they’re scraped and clean. And I hate flies too. It’s a no-win situation. Somebody has to do it. So, that’s my dirty job on the farm. I’ll be honest, some days I’d like to “take that job and shove it”! 112
The kids went and changed my message. It seems to fit us pretty good. I’m not sure who the guilty one is. 001     At the end of the day when all is said and done…..we’re all pretty much pooped. The “kid” must have had a tough day. Until next time……………………..Carol