When the weather turns hot and humid, it gets real difficult to go out into a hot barn to milk bovines. So if I can take a little break in the afternoon and refuel with my favorite drink, I think I’ll survive. Here it is………..021     A cool and refreshing Cherry Limeade! Come to Mama! These dudes are delicious. Here’s how I like to fix mine.

A can of Sprite

2 small fresh limes

A couple of maraschino cherries with the juice

I’ll fill my glass full of ice and squeeze in a whole lime. Depending on the size of the limes, you may want to add some more and just save a few slices for the garnish on top. It tastes better if they look fancy. Even though I’m not a fancy girl. I milk cows for cryin’ out loud. How fancy can I get. Next add a few cherries. 3 is a nice number. And a couple of tablespoons of cherry juice. Now the juice all depends on your own taste buds. I add around 3 or 4. Depending on my stress level for the day. Now, all that’s left is the can of Sprite. Pour that over the concoction and give it a stir. Take a nice long drag until your eyes start to water from the burn and you can’t breathe. So delicious! It always gives me that extra kick I need to make it through the “hot milking”. 031.jpg     “Big Girl” wanted a slurp but I wouldn’t let her have one because I’m not sharing my straw with her. Sorry sister, not in the mooooood to share………….Carol