With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I wanted to make sure all my flags were flying high. I’ll take you on a little farm tour to show you where I put them. I love flags. I’ll probably keep them up for the rest of the summer. Just because……..that’s how I roll. 003.jpg      I have this big one by the front door. I had it flying out by the barn, but the vicious wind broke it and so I stuck it in this milk can and put it on the front porch. Notice all the cow bells. I collect those too. My door bell doesn’t work and so if you come to see us, just bang around on those to get our attention. 005.jpg     I thought this flag might brighten up the corner. The geraniums look a little “sickly”. Maybe I should just pull them out and let the alyssum take over.The dead stuff around the wagon is cilantro. I don’t want to pull it out because it’s loaded with seeds. It’ll reseed itself and come back this fall. It always grows in the spring and fall. Cilantro does not like hot weather. I love my cilantro patch.001.jpg     Stuck in a window box out by the barn. Brings some nice color to all the whiteness. Some day I want to have a huge one hanging from the top of the silo. Until then………I have to work with the little ones. 010.jpg      This milk can is stationed by the back door. I’m thinking the asparagus fern is going to take over. Oh, well……the flag gives it some pizazz. 004.jpg     Hiding over yonder in my hosta/shade flowerbed. There’s a lot of green on this side of the house, so the flags give it a nice touch. I’ll talk more about my hostas some other time. 006.jpg     On top of my picnic table. I had to put my flags high enough so that the dogs wouldn’t grab them and chew them to pieces. I learned the hard way on that one. I wasn’t impressed with that little stunt they pulled.007.jpg     The hounds like to grab the wooden stick and gnaw on it like a bone. Grrrr……so here’s the next best thing. And now the cats think I put it there for them. Dogs, cats, cows……it’s a world gone mad around here. 012.jpg      I have this one hanging on my rustic garden shed. It’s an old flag, I’ve had it for years. It still looks good to me though. Sometimes weathered looks better then brand-spankin new. 030    This pretty much covers it. This girl will welcome you to the barn. She takes her job seriously. 079.jpg     Red, White and Black! Does this count? This is Bubba. The biggest dude on the farm. He wishes you all a lovely holiday………………………….Carol