We are in the hot and sweaty days of summer. Intense heat and hot cows are not a good combination. Add hot and irritable humans into the mix and you might have some problems. Now you know I do a lot of heavy thinking in the barn while I’m milking. So the other week I had a “madcow” moment and inspiration hit. I decided to go on a shopping spree for some new fans. There was no turning back, I had made up my mind. 059.jpg     This is what I found. I went to my favorite farm store and bought one of the fans that fit my plan perfectly. It worked so well, I went back the next week and bought three more. We definitely know our fans. We have gone through so many different fans it’s pathetic. I lost count of how many got trampled by some big, fat cow. 062.jpg        We placed them strategically so we can feel constant air. Two in the front and two at the halfway point. The big, ugly fan we were using was kicked out of the barn because it wasn’t doing a good enough job anymore. The new fans have “max air” and are all set on high. None of this low stuff. This is about survival. When you have 20 hot cows in the barn and 3-4 grouchy humans, it’s serious stuff, man.023.jpg        I think everyone seems a little less stressed now that we have some major air moving in the hot barn. Michael seems to think it was a smart move. 022.jpg     The dogs like to come in and lay around and get cool. Clyde here is smack dab in the way. Believe it or not, I stepped over him and tried to work around his lazy butt so as not to disturb him. I would never tolerate that with the cats but Clyde is Clyde. Next to Musket, he’s my favorite. 019.jpg     I overheard the cows discussing this new fan thing.  They were very impressed but couldn’t figure out why in the world it took me so long to finally have my breakthrough moment and hang them from up high. Maybe “madcow” had something to do with it?!055.jpg      The new fans still don’t keep Candace focused. She always gets a little carried away and I have to pull her back to the moment at hand.075.jpg     Marshall and Candace are so much alike. Always playing with the “critters”.The kid is giving “big girl” a squeeze. She’s the bully of the whole herd, but the kids love her anyway. 071.jpg     What is this? Yikes! Don’t mess with this farm girl. Don’t panic, I don’t always look this mad. It’s a “madcow” smile. Ha ha I absolutely love the new fans. Even if they blow hot air. At least there’s air moving. Makes my milking time so much more bearable. 060.jpg     This girl likes to take her good ole time milking out. She doesn’t care how hot we are. She has all the time in the world and isn’t thinking about my agenda. So I put this rock on her “milker” to try and speed up the process. Works pretty good. 016.jpg     I think you could call it “the dog days of summer”. They all seem to think the barn is a pretty cool place to nap. I love naps too, but I prefer a soft bed or couch to lay on. In fact, I think I’ll go take one right now………………………….Carol