Today I want to tell you about the Fourth of July celebration we had here at the “funny farm”. We invited a bunch of friends and I had each of them bring a side dish. That makes it easier for me if I don’t have to do all the cookin. Plus, it’s always good to have a variety. 022.jpg      We did the hamburgers and hotdogs and then I added a few extras to the menu. Candace helped put the chocolate fruit pizza together. It was her idea to decorate like a flag. I would’ve just thrown the fruit on there and called it good but she wanted to get a little more fancy. Thank goodness for her. 018.jpg     I had to make chocolate cupcakes just because it was the right thing to do. I didn’t have any little flag doo-dads to stick on the tops, so I had to improvise. It was all about red, white and blue. I ate one before the party. I pulled the top off and ate that and then I took the bottom part and spread more icing on top of that and ate again. It was awesome! Do I love chocolate?016.jpg    I also made some jalapeno poppers. I have peppers ready in the garden and had to do something with them before they spoil. I love these dudes. I put on a pair of my milking latex gloves to cut them up because I didn’t want any weird burns for the next 10 hours. Those things are wicked, you know. These aren’t baked yet, but that night I stood at the food table and ate 3 back to back. And no dainty bites either. Put that whole thing in your mouth! 027.jpg          More food! Pasta salad, potato salad, beans, mac and cheese, corn salad, cantaloupe, spicy pretzels…………..and then all the desserts. Yum! I was stuffed like a pig! 025.jpg     Socializing. Had a nice evening except for the flies. As soon as we set the food out, they came in like a big cloud. 026.jpg      Hanging out waiting to chow down. The first guests arrived and I was still in my smelly chore clothes. I “hauled butt” getting cleaned up. That’s what farm girls have to do. Clean up in record time. 031.jpg     Had my drink bar set up again. Musket is laying there hoping that someone will feel sorry for him and feed him a hamburger. I think he likes to use that “3 legged” card for sympathy. Ha ha He got a hamburger the next day. 032.jpg     Did you boys get enough to eat? We still have dessert. Jump on the trampoline for awhile and digest a bit. Ha ha 033.jpg     My picnic tables sure come in handy. One of these days I’m going to sit down and eat my meal at the picnic table. I’m always running around like a chicken with its head cut off. It’s my job as hostess, I think. 038.jpg     What a lovely couple. I have these old church pews stored in the hay barn and pulled them out for extra seating. Earl always hauls them out with the tractor and loader. They’re quite heavy.037.jpg      The little kittens were very popular with all the little kiddos. I desperately wanted to throw one in every car but didn’t dare. I was scared it would all come back and haunt me one day. 040.jpg     They played a game in the front yard. It involved running, so I didn’t help. Too many cupcakes and jalapeno poppers, I suppose. 043.jpg     I wasn’t the only one that didn’t do any running. The “older” dudes sat and solved all the world problems. As soon as I turned my lights on, the dancing and music started. Everyone went crazy! Ha ha ha Just kidding! Gotcha!045.jpg     We had a homemade fireworks show after dark. This is the next morning. Candace cleaned up the mess before the dogs went crazy and chewed everything to pieces.009.jpg     That pretty much wraps up the big party. Now it’s back to work again. Milk those bovines……………….Carol