This was the week to get caught up on some baking. My freezers were getting dangerously low in baked goods. I like to keep something on hand for emergencies. I never know when I may need some cookies to hand out to the inspector, feed man, hoof trimmer, vet, etc. Then there’s always my own family. The endless appetite. 024.jpg     I started out with these. Whoopie pies! I haven’t made these in …………..years. The boys got wind of these somewhere and were begging me to make some again. So, I got out the ole mixer and whipped up a double batch. If I’m going to bake, I might as well make plenty and stock my freezer. 022.jpg     I’m not sure how many this makes for the kid. Two or three? Michael came in from hauling hay and “horked” down his fair share too. We like them best frozen, so I bagged them up and tucked them away. I need to go check and see if there’s any left. They can sniff things out like that. 030.jpg   Next on the list……..peanut butter. I was hungry for these. I hadn’t made these in a long time either. They were sure tasty. I ate two today. I had one hot out of the oven and one out of the freezer. I was feeling weak while milking so I trotted on over to the freezer room and helped myself. It gave me enough energy to finish the hot and humid milking. Man, that barn gets muggy.  029.jpg    And then we have the good old fashioned chocolate chip. They are addictive. I like my cookies soft and chewy. These fit the bill perfectly. I dump in a ton of chocolate chips. What’s a chocolate chip cookie if you can’t find any chocolate chips? I hate that. I think I only ate one of these, but then again….I’m not sure.031.jpg      So now my freezer is stocked full of “goods”. The question of the day… long will these last? The boys will come in and grab 5-6 at a time and chow down. At that  rate, not very long. They also go good with my morning coffee. It’s weird, but it seems to be taking more and more coffee to get me going in the morning. 027.jpg     This is how I feel now that I’ve got all that baking done. Woo-hoo! Those bovines better be crankin up the milk production because it’s going to take a lot of ice cold milk to wash down all those cookies……….Carol