I haven’t talked flower talk in a while, so I’m going to fill you in on my shade gardening. I love shade plants, especially hostas. I had a bunch of them given to me quite a few years ago and so I created a flowerbed just for hostas. 037.jpg     This is on the west side of the house where all is quiet and peaceful. I put a little gravel trail through the back side of the bed so I could inspect everything up close. The hostas have taken over. I probably need to divide and transplant. That requires a lot of time and effort and so I haven’t done it yet. Makes me tired thinking about it.033.jpg     I’ve had some problems back here against the house. I’ve tried planting perennial ferns, all hostas, elephant ears, and now this year hydrangeas. It gets dry and it’s difficult to keep things watered. I’m trying to be pro-active by keeping a close eye on the hydrangeas so they don’t die on me. 041.jpg      I planted some elephant ears in with the hostas this year. I thought they might enjoy each others company. Give it some character to an otherwise all green space. 005.jpg     And then this morning I happened to look out the window and immediately saw trouble. Both pups were laying smack dab in the middle of my plants and were “gnawing” on my elephant ear plant. I knocked on the window thinking that it would “deter” them but no such luck. So I had to jack open the window and in my “stern” voice I told them to scram and No!, No!, No! They got the message. 023.jpg     Remember my orange chair back here? Trying to add some brightness. 036.jpg     So if I sit in my chair, this is my view. I asked myself why in the world I don’t sit down more often. So beautiful. Away from the bovine drama. Away from all the farm noise and commotion. This is a good spot to sip my cherry limeade. 007.jpg     I saw this border idea in my gardening magazine years ago. I thought it was a genius idea and so I tried it. I’ve had to replace a few pots over time but overall, it’s worked out pretty good. The first couple of years I picked them up and tucked them away for the winter. Now, I’ve gotten lazy and just leave them out year around. 071.jpg          I have these two big trees to plant around and every year I try something different. I’ve tried petunias, impatiens, and this year begonias. It’s a battle to keep it watered and growing nice. 035.jpg     I didn’t think the begonias were looking very nice so I went and planted some more. The first batch was for shade. The second time I bought sun begonias. I decided to mix and match. Surely something will grow. My goal is to keep them alive through the summer and then this fall I’ll pull them out and plant it full of pansies.083.jpg    I planted some in here but I can’t get the dumb thing to grow. I think it’s the same size it was in early spring. 074.jpg   I’m throwing a wrench in the mix.  This is not a shade plant. Black-eyed susan. They just started blooming real nice. They love the hot sun. Shade or sun…..I love them all…………….Carol