This spring I only planted one row of potatoes. I love “new potatoes”, but digging them is a bear. So I try to stay reasonable with the planting. My family came to visit this last weekend so I purposely left about a half dozen plants to be dug up. I thought we should do some “back to our roots” work. When I was growing up my brother was always the “digger” and my sisters and I had to pick them up. We thought we were working so hard and just short of dying. If someone would have told me that I was going to end up on a dairy farm……….I would have laughed hysterically and called them totally NUTS!! It’s good we can’t read our future. 053      Here’s my nice little row of potatoes. I had to dust them a few times for those pesky little bugs so I won’t call them organic. Ha ha  Not that I care about organic. 145.jpg     I finally convinced my brother to help out with the digging. It took a little coaxing. He hates digging potatoes. He’s a full-fledged city slicker. I had to somehow get a little dirt on him. He borrowed some shoes and socks and slathered on the sunscreen. My sisters disappeared. Typical. When there’s work to be done everyone runs. 147.jpg     He was pretty handy with the shovel. He still knows how to dig potatoes. I’m thinking maybe I should make this an annual event. I’ll start planting about 3 rows and he can be a professional potato digger. We could start up our own little farmers market. 156.jpg     The potato digging crew. They look like they could be dangerous. Now once we start our little enterprise, we will definitely start at the crack of dawn so as not to get over-heated. And we would always carry our handy dandy little water jug. As kids, we always had one about 10 feet in front of us because we thought we were dying of thirst. That was the goal….to get to the water jug and take a break. We were wimpy.157.jpg     The bountiful harvest. Just enough for the “blessed boil” in a few days. Our favorite summer meal. New potatoes are awesome with nice big chunks of butter melted all over them.176.jpg     Here they are enjoying the potatoes. Earl didn’t even help dig but he got his fair share. I’ll let it slide this time. Just because I’m a nice person. Most of the time………..218     Here we are all cleaned up. He didn’t hold it against me that I made him do a little work. I wonder if he will come back at potato digging time next year. I probably shouldn’t push my luck…………………Carol