This is the time of year when I start feeling real nervous about the cows getting out. The reason is……..the sweet corn is ready. It’s actually late compared to everyone else’s, but our first batch never came up. So we planted a second time. The small calves visited the patch but didn’t do too much damage. The wind did some rearranging too but I thought I could still salvage enough for some fresh eating, a few shrimp boils, and some grilled sweet corn. 011.jpg     Here we go again………those blasted heifers got out right on schedule. Earl caught them laying in the middle of the patch at the “crack of dawn”. 013.jpg      Rounding them up and herding them back in. We don’t know if they got spooked or they just decided to take a tour of the farm. I really don’t care to hear any of their excuses………….I was ticked off. More like livid!! Those naughty heifers are the teenagers of the bovine population. They are always pushing their boundaries. 017.jpg     Here are Candace and Michael assessing the damage. Those sorry heifers totally flattened the patch. This was actually the boys’ garden and they had put a lot of time in out there. Planting, tilling, pulling weeds, replanting, etc. Marshall was probably more bent out of shape than I was. He walked around with a long face most of the forenoon. 019.jpg     They didn’t bother the pumpkin plants or the melons. All they wanted was the corn. And they didn’t even eat all of it. The main goal was to stomp everything to death. I can just see it now………..kicking their legs up in the air, bucking and jumping around like maniacs. Laughing hysterically the whole time. Cows are like that. 053.jpg      This is what I salvaged from the patch. Enough for my very important shrimp boil I had planned and that’s it. What a disaster. Now I do have another patch growing in my garden by the house and I’m wondering if that’s going to survive. I’m preparing myself for the worst case scenario. The question for the week…….how to deal with the stress. Should I eat more chocolate or drink a cherry limeade every day……………………….Carol