All of my family came out to visit for a short weekend and so I’ll show you some fun and food that we experienced those few days.007.jpg      My Mom and Dad just pulled in. They hauled this wagon out here just for me. I have big plans for this thing. Think flowers and antiques. And more flowers. Marshall is all gung-ho about getting a team of horses now. He’s having a very difficult time convincing Earl about that. Earl has absolutely no experience with horses and they freak him out. He says they kick and bite. I guess he forgot what cows are capable of. 010.jpg     I had made a carrot cake and we decided to taste test to make sure it was “fit” for company. It passed with flying colors. I think it lasted a whole day.181     Rita was a gift from heaven. She washed dishes nonstop the whole time she was here. Plus ran after three girls, did laundry, cooked, etc………I don’t think this counted as a vacation. 038.jpg     Lots of homemade pizza. We made eight total. And we didn’t have a crazy amount left over either. It hit the spot!160.jpg     Doug was the designated icecream man. He did a fantastic job. He definitely knows what he’s doing. Maybe he should start a little icecream shop?! 070.jpg     We had lots of “poppers”. They were awesome. I lost count how many I ate. We were like carnivores moving in for the kill. 072.jpg     They moved in through the smoke trying to disguise themselves. Grabbing what they could and making a run for it. It’s a dangerous world!     113.jpg     Layla loves Grandpa! 098.jpg     Hey look, we found a horse for my wagon. Now this is Earl style. 135.jpg     Cody showed everyone how to hitch a horse. He charged 5 bucks for every ride. Kinda steep if you ask me. Ha ha Just kidding! 129.jpg     Cole hitched up the smaller pony. He gave free rides. Can’t beat a deal like that. 169.jpg     The shrimp boil was out of this world. Especially the potatoes.214.jpg     The siblings. I am the youngest! I think. I could be wrong. I’m not sure anymore. You decide. 215.jpg     Here’s the whole tribe. All good things must come to an end. 247.jpg     Grandpa was the “king” of checkers. Always will be. Check out those whoopie pies right next to the game. Where did those come from?!239.jpg     The little girls loved my “rain catcher” tank. They were having a blast.253.jpg     This does not look safe at all. Double trouble! They were the cheaters of the croquet game. Ha ha Taking a time-out. 257.jpg     The “blues” boys. I think they wore the same shirts every day. All day.200.jpg      Last but not least. The funny farm family. See, I told ya. Blue chore shirts. Throw in the muck boots just for the heck of it. We’ll call it classic! 258.jpg     Clyde was totally exhausted from all the excitement. The hound can sleep through a tornado……………….Carol