Does anyone remember that story? It was way back in the dark ages and I’m not real sure about all the details anymore. I just remember the mice visited each other and they were both glad to get back to their own homes. So now I’m wondering if that’s what the family members that visited me were feeling when they drove away from this “drama filled dairy”. Now I understand why they always “fishtail” out the driveway. Ha ha ha. We always joke about that.035.jpg     I’m going to show you the cousins as “city mouse” or “country mouse”. This is a country mouse. She loves wearing everyone’s shoes. 100     This is another country girl. They loved my kittens. Just wish I could’ve sent some home with them. 065     A definite country girl. We never blow bubbles at home. Where did she find these?!068     City and country on the same team? I think they lost the game. It needs to be city against country. Country will blow your socks off. It’s a tough life, man.   246     This little country girl wanted to wear Candace’s very first chore boots. They were a little snug but we made them fit. 055.jpg      We have half country, half city here. The city wanted to feed the country chickens. I never sit out there and watch the chickens eat. I throw the scraps over the fence and walk away. 066.jpg     This little cowboy is from the city. He doesn’t look too impressed with cows and the dairy life. I need to have a talk with his Mama.230.jpg      Another city girl but she loved the country car. Country folk do have some cool toys.  095.jpg     Country kids to the core! They have no idea what they’re doing or where they’re at. They are set on auto-pilot.110.jpg     This brings back precious memories. I remember tree swings. So much fun. If I did that now, I’d probably get dizzy and fall off. 051.jpg     Yep, that’s right! A country mouse through and through. I was busy milking away when all of a sudden I caught sight of this critter out of the corner of my eye. I squealed a bit and jumped back. It was right smack in front of me. It must have been in the line of fire when I sprayed the hose because it was totally soaked. I should’ve ran and grabbed a cat to take care of the situation but I just kept on milking. Those sorry, lazy cats. They’re never around when I need them………………Carol