Yes, cows get pedicures too. Our cows get them more often than I do. That doesn’t sound fair to me at all. I definitely need to change that rule. Our cows were long overdue to have some foot work done. Some just need a trim and others have more complicated problems. If a cow has sore feet or toes, their milk production goes south and they get real grouchy. Sorta like when humans get ingrown toenails. Ouch! So we had the hoof trimmer come take care of some feet problems.020.jpg     When the hoof trimmer is coming, we always have to mark the cows we want to have worked on. This is how we do it. Take some chalk (specially made for bovines) and mark their legs. Then when we sort them after milking, we can see who we need to hold back as they come walking through the alley. As you can see, this cow has some long toes that are pinching. She will be one of the lucky ones today. 021.jpg     He just arrived. Darrell Brooks is the best trimmer around. He’s the one on the phone and Earl is walking back to inspect the rig. Those two could almost pass for brothers. Now that’s scary. 025.jpg     Here’s a few of the sisters waiting for their turn. We probably had about 15 or so to work on. There would’ve been more, but when they get too close to calving, it gets too dangerous to put them on the table and lay them down. It might twist their stomach and cause major problems with the calf and the mama. Trust me, we learned the hard way on that one. So now Earl’s extra cautious who gets a pedicure. 026.jpg     This is the set up. Earl and Candace are there to make sure he’s doing it right. Ha ha It’s always a day long ordeal. It wouldn’t have to be but Earl and Darrell can talk your leg off and then some. 027.jpg     They bring the cow up and run her into the chute and then lay her over on the side. He has to tie her feet down or else he’d probably get his teeth bashed in. Then he inspects the feet and toes to make sure there aren’t any warts, abscesses, or any other weird stuff going on that hurts their feet. 029.jpg      He has a grinder to clip them into perfect form. Sometimes they have sores and then he has to treat them with medicated powder and do a little more work on them. If it’s pretty sore, he will put a block on the one side of their foot and that keeps them from putting pressure on the sore spot. Who knew it could get so complicated?! 030.jpg     Musket had to come and check things out. The dogs love to chew on the toenails. Mmmmmmm……that sounds delicious! Candace loves to watch things like this. I remember when she was still just a squirt and already helping Earl with all the calf deliveries. That was so exciting for her. Didn’t gross her out one bit. 049.jpg     And then after the hard work is done, it’s finally time to eat. They always want the same thing…….hamburgers. Darrell spends a lot of time on the road so he’s not picky about what I fix for lunch. As long as it’s homemade. In the winter time, they always want soup with their hamburgers. Then to stuff them full, I’ll fix them a chocolate milkshake. This was my hamburger………it was delicious. I’m not sure how I got my mouth over this thing, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Farm girls have to learn how to eat if they want to keep up with the rest of the gang…………….Carol

P.S. Fresh tomatoes are the bomb on hamburgers!