It’s time to do some garden talk. I’m getting lots of vegetables out of my garden and they all taste so good. I’m always so impatient for some fresh vegetables. Supermarket “stuff” just doesn’t hit the spot. I’m still waiting on my second corn patch to produce. I’m thinking in about a week we should have some fresh corn. I’m a nervous wreck. Those cows can sniff it out from a mile away. 007.jpg     Here we go. Looks beautiful. Earl fertilized and watered it and now we’re just waiting patiently. Keep your fingers crossed. If those cows touch this patch…………should I laugh, cry, scream, or kill?! All of the above?!128.jpg     I’m starting to get quite a few tomatoes. I usually do a lot of canning and stock pile for the winter months. It’s so much work and I’m always glad when it’s finally over with. That hot soup sure tastes good when it’s “freeze your butt off” cold outside. 014.jpg     Big Daddy! I only get a handful of these beauties. I wish I could say they all looked like this. 002.jpg      And then we have the little guys. I have these running out of my ears. I’ll put them in salads, stir fry, drizzled with ranch…….. anything I can think of. Delicious!055.jpg     This looks serious. Once I get started, there ain’t no stoppin. Crank up the radio and fire up the ole burner. There’s only so much time before chores. Unless I just don’t show up for “barn work”. I’ve been known to do that too. 198.jpg     We have plenty of cantaloupe. Marshall loves these. He’s the “fruit man” of the family. 003.jpg      I love cucumbers. I always can a lot of pickles. I love pickles and cheese with my soup in the winter time. Sounds weird, but that’s what mad cow does to me. 023.jpg      In the cooking process. I’ve been known to have these soaking in the fridge for 2 to 3 days. Just because I get busy and don’t have time to finish the project. Thank goodness pickles are forgiving. They always turn out delicious. 005.jpg     Then we have all the peppers. Oh, those beautiful “poppers”. My new favorite snack. Grilled or baked……. I’ll fight my way through the crowd to get my fair share. 040.jpg     My lovely sunflowers. Every farm needs a few of these. I usually save these and feed them to the birds in the winter time. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful sight….. to see acres and acres of these? 022.jpg     What in the world?! Aaaaaack! This isn’t garden food. It’s those scary shorts and beautiful white socks again. What is this man thinking? The kids and I were hoping and praying he wouldn’t go to town looking like this. Thank goodness! It was only farm attire. It does make good memories though…………………Carol