Well I guess it’s time to fill you in on Candace’s  big plans. I’m not allowed to give too much information. So I’ll just say that she’s leaving the “nest” and won’t be back for a whole year. Waaaaah! She’s leaving us to go to the other side of the world. Her travels will require a considerable amount of money and so we’ve been busy doing some fundraising. We had a silent and live auction with a chicken barbeque dinner. 052.jpg     Here we are doing prep work for that good ole potato salad and beans. Candace had the best job. Peeling the eggs. Ha ha. 050.jpg     Wait a minute. Lizzie had the best job…….eating blueberry muffins and making a huge mess. Oh, to be a kid again. 064.jpg      We had lots of help seasoning the chicken. Thank goodness. Stay calm Teresa and stop waving that sharp knife around like that. We even got an apron on Earl. 065.jpg     Curt is the professional smoker. He’s done more chicken than you can count. Along with hams, turkeys, ribs, beef, etc……..We also had some barbeque bologna. It was very tasty. Go to Curt for all your smoking needs.070.jpg     Here’s the “center of attention”. We are all rooting for you! Now get busy and help get this work done. Ha ha 077.jpg     Candace and her best friend decorated the tables. They did an awesome job. They did it all late at night. I guess that’s when they are most productive. 080.jpg     Cutting up all the cake for the dessert. We had chocolate, carrot cake with cream cheese icing and chocolate chip bars. I totally forgot to eat any cake until I got home that night. My “mad cow” was in overdrive all week. 081.jpg     Just look at all those “girls” going crazy. Dani ( red checkered shirt ) was in charge of the kitchen. She can flat make the dust fly. I didn’t worry about any of the kitchen work that night. Those hard working girls can do anything. They were awesome!086.jpg     Yes siree! We had the “dudes” hard at work too. Go get em, man! Look closely. The “werewolf” is watching from afar. I love that name. 094.jpg     We served baked beans and potato salad. There was plenty for everyone. 100.jpg     And here we have the beautiful smoked chicken. I was still in “mad cow” mode, so I couldn’t enjoy mine as much as I would’ve liked. So many people and so much happening. 095.jpg     And don’t forget the bread. Lisa was kind enough to do all the bread baking for me. I was a dummy and didn’t get a picture of her. She was slaving away in the kitchen. 089.jpg     Just look at all those people. All to show their support for Candace. Amazing!097.jpg     My three dudes. They did all the chores and then came and feasted on all the awesome food. They look a little tired. They’re not sure how to act. They haven’t been around other humans in awhile. That’s what happens when you milk cows. Bovines rule!106.jpg     Reyes never sits down. At least not until the work is done. She’s like the energizer bunny. She just goes on and on forever. 107.jpg     Having a quick conference in the back. Just go ahead and do it, Jo. And don’t listen to anything Dani is saying. 112.jpg     This looks good. What in the world is Earl saying now?! I can tell Wes isn’t buying any of it. These two can “shoot the bull” like none other. It’s a toss up……..who can talk the most??109.jpg     Yea, you just go ahead and laugh, man. Maybe you two should quit talking and go find some dishes to wash. Don’t just stand there with your hands in your pockets. Do something! Anything! 113     Wow! So many friends showed up to eat, buy and support Candace. We love you too, neighbors. 161.jpg     What are the cows going to do without Candace? Or what is she going to do without the cows? Tough questions? 049.jpg     What are we going to do without Candace? And what is Mama going to do without Candace? I can’t say a whole lot……or I’ll become an emotional wreck. My throat tightens, my eyes start to water, I can’t breathe……..HELP! So don’t think I’m crazy if I just randomly start howling big tears when you see me. Farm girls are tough, but good grief………………..not this tough……………………..Carol