I discovered that I have another favorite summer drink. It runs a close second to the cherry limeade. This drink will make my eyes bulge, make me jittery and shaky, and keep me awake at night if I drink too late and too long. It’s rich and powerful! It’s awesome!006.jpg     Iced Coffee!! Move over Starbucks! I’m comin through. This is what life is all about on a blistering, hot summer day. Slurp on one of these and you will be able to get all your work done and then some. 004.jpg     Yep, that’s right. I even have Earl hooked. This man does not sip. He has it slurped down in 10 seconds. I turn around and he’s ready for a refill. And it does not affect his sleep either. This is one tough dude! He must be made of steel. I would be bouncing off the walls. 008.jpg      Candace thought they were heavenly. She learned the hard way……..drank late at night……couldn’t sleep…….had crazy dreams…….won’t do that again. 005.jpg     This is so good…..the cow jumped over the moon. Find your favorite iced coffee recipe and start drinkin’…………………..Carol