We are having 100 degree weather this week, so that means it’s time to put up lots more hay. Michael is the “mower man”. He gets on the tractor and will mow for 6 hours or whatever it takes to get done. It’s tough work. Not for the faint of heart. He did have quite a bit of excitement yesterday, though. Or should I say, scare! He started a fire! He called me from the field wanting me to bring some buckets of water. 044.jpg      Here we are speeding towards the site. Candace is trying to create as much dust as possible. ( we’re on a gravel road ) Marshall is saying a prayer………..050.jpg      This is what we found. When it’s hot and dry, it doesn’t take long for fire to spread. Well, I knew right away that we wouldn’t be able to put that out with our weenie buckets of water. This is going to take something bigger. 052.jpg      Calm down. Tell us how it happened. He was mowing the perimeter of the field when he heard a strange noise. He looked back and saw sparks flying. Not good! By the time he got things shut down and got out to investigate, there were about half a dozen little fires started. He was in total panic mode! 051.jpg    Michael was totally exhausted. He had been beating the flames with a towel and he even sacrificed his thermos of Gatorade. All to no avail. The neighbors stopped by and emptied their fire extinguisher but that didn’t work either. In the meantime, Earl is making phone calls and the fire department is on the way. Earl was baling hay several miles away and could see the smoke high up in the sky. 047     This is exciting……..Michael is taking pictures……..Candace is on the horn telling her friend all about it…..Marshall is still praying…….and I’m just relieved that help is on the way. 066.jpg      Once the trucks got there, they had it out in five minutes. Whew! Close call! Thank goodness for firemen. 070.jpg     The smoke is almost gone. Where’s that kid that started this thing?! Just kidding. They were cool, calm and collected about the whole thing. 053.jpg     Here’s Michael showing me what happened. The bearing went out in one of those spinners. Grrr……..054.jpg     Yes, that corner looks like it needs some help. We’ll have the mechanic take a look at it. 072.jpg     Well, it looks like everything is under control. I’m heading home. I’ve had enough excitement for one day. Besides, I’m hot, itchy, and thirsty. 039.jpg    Clyde invited Michael to go swimming with him but Michael thought a cool shower would feel better. Sorry Clyde…..maybe next time…………………..Carol