Calving season is just around the corner. Most of the little “squirts” will be arriving in October. That means I will not leave home for approximately 5-6 months. Give or take a few days. Calving season is stressful. Lots of new Mama’s to take care of, brand new calves to feed and bed down, training heifers to come in the barn, late night maternity checks, etc…….the list could go on forever. We have a few that are starting to calve now. We always get some of those that slip through the cracks. So the other night Earl and Michael headed out the door about 10:30 to do a quick check on a “big girl” that was close. 117.jpg     Here she is. Poor girl! It was dramatic! Or traumatic! Or maybe both! Either way, I felt sorry for her. They finally got back in the house at 2:00 a.m. I only know that because Earl is not a mouse when he walks around the house late at night. Grrr…. It’s so nice to have boys old enough to help with calf deliveries. Now I get a break. It’s not my favorite thing to do. 118.jpg     Earl knew right away that there was trouble brewing,  so he called the vet and got some help on the way. Between the three of them they finally got the calf out. They were on the verge of doing a C-section but then decided not to. It’s tough for a cow to recuperate from that kind of trauma. Sad to say, the calf didn’t survive the hard delivery. So then their focus was on the cow, to make sure she survived. She’s not feeling good in this picture. Her eyes are dull, her ears are drooping…….all signs of, “help me, I feel like death”.023.jpg     Here’s Earl taking care of his beloved bovine. He’s giving her some potent vitamin mix that’s supposed to get her stomach back in working order again. Then a few shots and she’s starting to feel better in a couple of days. He’s pretty good at stuffing medicine down a cow’s throat.

     Notice the “muscle shirt” he’s sporting?! He was getting claustrophobic in the barn one night and decided the sleeves have got to go. So he sat at the kitchen table and whacked them off. He left them laying on the table until I came along and freaked out. The shirt was filthy, stinkin dirty from chores and I was not about to eat supper with those nasty things laying there. It is now his  favorite shirt. 035.jpg      Well, looks like “big girl” is feeling much better. She’s in the barn eating and giving milk. All signs that a cow is feeling good. With all of the medicine and Earl’s TLC she bounced back in a few days. Check out that “udder”. Some of that is because of swelling but then she’s also an older cow and that’s how they get in their old age.
179.jpg     Some deliveries are so difficult and then there’s others where the calf just pops out and the Mama never needs any help. This calf was born just a few days after the “all-nighter” delivery. Cute little stinker. 180.jpg     I want to make sure you see the huge ears on this calf. No problem with hearing for this one. We haven’t given it a name yet. We don’t name every one. Just the special ones.187.jpg     Like this one. Remember when she was born? No ears. Just weenie little ones. So now we call her Shrek. Perfect name! Shrek is happy and doesn’t seem to care that she is different. Hopefully she won’t mind having a “boy” name. Shrek is in her own little world. Just happy to be alive.  Hopefully we won’t have any more dramatic deliveries for awhile. It’s hard on Earl and the cow………….and me……………and the kids………..Carol